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Craig Monts visits this new trendy bar

Craig Monts

Written by Craig Monts Published on 24.10.2012 11:13:33 (updated on 24.10.2012) Reading time: 4 minutes


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The fresh & modern Fusion Hotel opened its cool doors on Prague’s Pánská street back in April. The minimalist hotel has attracted tourists from all walks of life. They advertise well-priced private or dormitory rooms with all the usual breakfast trimmings. Beneath the hotel’s ‘Budget-Boutique’ rooms lies a well stocked circular bar (serving both guests staying in the hotel and those walking in off the street) and a “gaming/shisha room” providing free Skype for you to keep in contact with friends and family while you sip on your refreshment.
The spacious bar area keeps with the fusion theme: street art-style canvases decorate the dark walls with a combination of trendy barstools and relaxed pillows on low seating dotted around the sky lit circular bar. Before my frequent visits to 360º Bar & Lounge, I had been intrigued by stories of this stylish venue with a rotating bar; the whole thing sounded a little gimmicky, but the bar lover in me desired further investigation.

I’m happy to say that I have received nothing but excellent service from the capable and friendly staff working at 360º bar &lounge. I found the staff to be very friendly and accommodating, which I guess should be expected in a bar attached to a hotel. Even so, I felt that they often went out of their way to chat or show me around the pleasant bar and annexed “game room”. The game room also doubles as a smoking room, providing shisha pipes and tobacco in various flavours: apple, strawberry, mint, orange, cola, and wild cherry, to name a few, all priced at 150 CZK. Two-flavor tobacco combinations are also available (160 CZK). Ice and lemon for your shisha chamber are free on request.

Bar staff on duty were keen to show me the centrally located circular rotating bar, designed to introduce guests to new people while giving them an ever-changing view of not only the room but its patrons. With a simple flick of a switch, the white donut-shaped bar started slowly rotating. A gimmick that lost its appeal pretty quickly. Sitting at the bar while being slowly rotated didn’t do anything for me personally, although I witnessed others enjoying it during my frequent visits.


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360º Bar & Lounge offers a wide range of classic cocktails alongside some original recipes cooked up by their mixologists. The Fusion specials are sure to satisfy the thirstiest of drinkers! The Fusion Pink Jelly (80 CZK) and the “Fusionito” (120 CZK; Bacardi Black, Bombay Sapphire, soda, basil leaves, lemon and cane sugar), were tasty and refreshing if at a tourist prices. Fusion Passion (140 CZK; Finlandia Vodka, Cointreau, lemon, cane sugar and maracuja) was a slightly toxic-tasting bittersweet refreshment. Fusion Ice Tea (160 CZK; Bacardi Gold, Finlandia Vodka, Bombay Sapphire, lemon, cranberry juice) was tasty and overflowing with delicious alcoholic and fruity flavours. XXL cocktail jugs (Mojito or Cuba Libre) priced at 700 CZK and 650 CZK are also available.

Virgin cocktails (Mojito, Shirley Temple and Colada) are priced at 80 CZK, and a few original recipes are offered: Fusion Kiss (Cranberry Juice, Lime juice, strawberries and strawberry syrup), the strangely-named Pussy Food (orange juice, cranberry juice, lemon, grenadine, and lime) and Fusion Lemonade (ginger tonic, ginger, cane sugar lime and cardamom). For beer drinkers, Pilsner, Staropramen Černý (0,33l), and Mad Apple Cider bottles are all priced at 40 CZK. Draft Staropramen (0,3l – 35 CZK and 0,5l – 45 CZK) is also served. The rotating bar also offers a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks such as dandelion and burdock, rose lemonade, and cherry tree cola (60 CZK), and teas and coffees starting at 40 CZK. A range of bar food (club sandwich (180 CZK), or burger with fries (190 CZK)) and snacks can also be ordered.

360º Fusion Bar & Lounge is a well-furnished, smoke-free, relaxed bar ideal for quiet drinks, informal business meetings, or events. Capable staff man a well-stocked (and reasonably priced, considering the location) bar. I would recommend checking their Facebook page before heading to 360º, as private events are popular. Live DJs during the weekends until 02:00 provide music for the international clientele. A chilled and friendly space worth visiting.


  • Smoking Policy: No smoking in the main bar area. Smoking only permitted in the gaming/shisha room.
  • Location: Pánská, Prague 1
  • The Crowd: International. Often hotel guests or event attendees.
  • Atmosphere: Very relaxed, vibrant and creative
  • Attire: Casual
  • Price Range: Mid-range
  • Entrance Fees: None
  • Size: spacious
  • Music Policy: low music during the day live DJs during the weekends
  • Service: Very friendly
  • Restroom Check: Clean

360º Fusion Bar & Lounge  
Panská 9, Prague 1

360° Fusion Bar & Lounge

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