Weston Taussig, LMFT - Therapy

Weston Taussig, LMFT - Therapy

Čechova 243/12, Praha 7, 17000

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I raise 2 bi-lingual (Czech - English) teenagers. I provide therapy for Children, Pre-teens, Teens & Adolescent; Young Adults & Adults; Parents / Foster Parents, Family Coaching

Children, Pre-teens & Teens

I am here to offer assistance with a range of challenges that your child may be experiencing, including difficulty completing chores and homework, struggling to follow directions, experiencing excessive anger or anxiety in social situations, feeling overwhelmed by fears, engaging in arguments or acts of physical or verbal aggression, coping with bullying, processing grief, managing self-harming behaviors, and navigating the complex challenges of growing up.

Let me support you and your child in developing the skills and strategies they need to overcome these obstacles and thrive.

Young Adults & Adults

Be​coming an adult can be a challenging time. However, I am here to support you in discovering your life purpose, rekindling your happiness, recognizing your strengths, rewriting your personal narrative, and embracing a unique perspective on life.

Let me assist you on this journey towards self-discovery and personal growth.

Parents / Foster Parents, Family Coaching

As a therapist and parent, I understand that parenting is one of the most significant responsibilities you will ever have. I am here to assist you in establishing yourself as the head of the household in a manner that fosters open communication and ensures that all family members feel valued and heard.

Let me help you cultivate a healthy and supportive family dynamic that enables you and your loved ones to thrive.

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