Willi Rös
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I am psychotherapist in the Person-Centred Approach (PCA) of Carl R. ROGERS, working in Deutsch, Français, and English.

My speciality is body-work, aiming higher self-confidence and gaining more freedom from deeply embodied habits
It is a very person-centred body-work, only inviting the body to come back to the tue self.

Technically you can feel like in a massage, then coming little by little to deeper levels of your personality increasing self-awareness and waking up your potential.

English, Français, Deutsch

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great experience

Reviewed by Weronika Usarek 11.01.2016
I can recommend with no doubts. To be a good PCA therapist one needs talent and experience and Willi Roes has plenty of both of them. It also requires certain qualities of personality such as: being a very developed, authentic, emphatic, and trustworthy person. Willi again has them all. I felt it almost from the beginning. I felt safety and acceptance. And then... the frame is established, the rules made clear and you are offered so many... read more

highly recommended

Reviewed by Tommaso Cappelli 08.01.2016
Will is a high professional therapist with lot of experience and human touch who can lead you to find your own way trough Person Center Approach. Highly recommended