Purely Tanya - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Purely Tanya - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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Instead of asking what health worry you have, I want to know why you have it. It's the root cause that should be treated and not the symptoms. As an Integrative Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach, I assist, guide and teach people proper nutrition, suited for their lives, so they never need to diet again.

I work with motivated people, who want to be healthier and have the life they always dreamt of. Whether you need more energy in your life, want to lose weight, boost your immune system or simply find balance - talk to me. I will guide you to the specific filters which will help you tell the real food from the edible food-like substances you want to avoid. We will have conversations that matter. You and I will focus on your goals and what works for your body.

I offer health coaching for different health areas as well as professionally customized meal plans for your and your body.

Send me an email with your inquiry and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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