Mehana Institute

Mehana Institute

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The MEHANA institute offers healthy-educational programs for the public under the guidance of doctors, physiotherapists, and professional instructors.

The purpose of our programs is to provide clients with the practical tools to maintain good health and prevent illness and to support their confidence and responsibility for their own health.

We apply non-invasive and non-pharmacological methods consistent with the scientific knowledge of Western medicine, including physiotherapy, yoga, dance, breathing exercises, qigong, hardening, forest therapy, and others.
All the programs are run in English and are currently held in the Czech Republic.

The Mehana programs are perfect for anybody interested in a healthy lifestyle, body-mind movement techniques, complementary medicine, psychosomatics, and the self-healing potential of our body.

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Reviewed by Tereza Andresová 04.04.2023
Course by Mehana Institute is a course I would recommend to everyone who is interested in holistic approach, to self healing and desire to know more from the great lecturer who are professionals in their fields. Course gave me a lot, for example helped me to look to myself in quite different perspective, it gave me a chance to taste what kind of activity/movement gives my body energy, to notice where in my body I feel good. I appreciate very... read more


Reviewed by Michaela Kardová 21.03.2023
Mehana Institute course was amazing. I enjoyed the holistic approach, balance in between education and experience, awesome lectures, healthy food, and all the activities. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for natural ways of getting healthy and want to feel joy of life.

Marek R.

Reviewed by Marek R. 09.03.2023
I found Mehana Institute the only one for having solved my burnout problem after 30. years in business. The courses were one of the best I ever had, lecturers were very professional. I always feel very good during the unique programme, having a possitive mood and more energy afterwards. I highly recommend.

Kamila, finance/audit

Reviewed by Kamila Hynek 07.03.2023
I would absolutely recommend to everybody who is aware of their health and keeping it in good, healthy balance. I could hardly find any other institution where you can experience and learn so holistic approach in so wise and joyful way as well. I really enjoyed all the course as it was amazing mixed up of medicine knowledges, holistic aproaches, physiotherapy, healthy movement techniques like yoga, gi-gong, dance together with very nice soft... read more


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