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Repromeda is an infertility clinic located in Brno and Ostrava. In addition to assisted reproduction, we are also dedicated to preconception and preimplantation genetic testing, donation and preservation of reproductive cells, treatment using surrogate mothers, as well as the use of holistic medicine in the treatment of infertility.
We started as a small sanatorium with the goal of providing infertility treatment and assisted reproductive technology in the highest quality manner. The goal of our work remains the same, but our knowledge, reproductive medicine capabilities and staff grow each year so that we can help more and more couples. In terms of space and staff, we have transformed into a large clinic, but the heart of the family tradition remains within us. We are happy to help more and more couples to achieve their dream - a healthy baby.
The clinic was founded and is still led by the expert representative of the centre, MUDr. Jan Veselý, CSc. and MUDr. Kateřina Veselá, Ph.D. The whole team believes that the most effective way of infertility treatment includes the most modern methods, technologies and procedures, but also an individual approach and a holistic view of the human body.
Whatever the reason for your unsuccessful attempts to have a baby is, we would be happy to be your guide on the path to a complete family.

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