Medical center

Medical center

Chlumčanského 497/5, Praha 8, 18000 Opening hours

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Mediccare - private clinic in Prague. Here you can visit a therapist, gynecologist, neurologist, physiotherapist, dermatologist, plastic surgeon.
Also in the clinic you can take anatomy tests and get vitamin drips.

Аesthetic procedures (Botox, lip augmentation, redermalization, biorevitalization, plasma therapy, mesotherapy, lipolytics and others) performed by a doctor. We are located in Prague 8 ( 15 minutes from the center) reasonable prices

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My Clinic is a private family-style clinic offering professional health care in Prague 6 across a broad range of specializations for all age categories, children and adults.

Clayo Clinic is an independent/not corporate family IVF clinic led and owned by a pioneer of human embryology in the former Czechoslovakia dr. Daniel Hlinka PhD