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We are a private family-style clinic offering professional healthcare across a broad range of specializations for all age categories – from newborns to grandparents.

Our clinic is inspired by the tradition of the family physician in whom medical expertise meets personal relationship-building and a high degree of empathy. We set aside plenty of time, understanding, and respect for each patient. Professionalism, trust, a friendly environment, and the satisfaction of our clients are of fundamental importance to us.

We provide our services to clients of both Czech and foreign healthcare insurance companies.

My Clinic is currently the only medical facility in the Czech Republic accredited by the United States Department of State to perform medical examinations U.S. visa purposes.

Our philosophy is holistic: we perceive each individual and their ailments in their entire complexity. We are restoring an oft-neglected aspect of how medicine should be practiced in examination and consulting rooms: that of taking enough time for each patient, and of creating a friendly environment. We build a relationship with our clients that centers on reliability and trust. The basis for successful treatment is to establish the true cause of disease and to be mindful of the greater context. Our treatment proposals are always as minimally invasive as possible and take into consideration each client’s individual needs.

A modern office, comfortable surroundings, and state-of-the-art equipment are par for the course at My Clinic. We take pride in our team of renowned practitioners and experienced nurses, our doctors rank among recognized experts in their respective fields. They work hand in hand to establish the most efficient path towards improving our clients’ physical and mental health. At My Clinic we promote lifelong learning and personal development, in service of our goal of always remaining at the top of our profession.

If you’ve been looking for a family doctor who is always close to you on your journey toward lasting health and great quality of life, pay us a visit at My Clinic!

At My Clinic, you’ll find more than 26 medical specializations under one roof, providing comprehensive coverage of the various fields and areas of healthcare. Our team of physicians comprises more than 60 experts who are ready to provide you the best medical care precisely tailored to your needs and wishes.
Aside from diagnostics and targeted, efficient treatment, we always also emphasize prevention.
We always set aside enough time for examinations and subsequent consultation.
You make your appointment on the client helpline for a specific date and hour that best fits your needs and possibilities.

All of this is available to you under one roof, in the pleasant surroundings of a top-notch clinic. My Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art medical instruments and devices, but at the same time provides a space where you will feel comfortable and at ease in every respect.

We offer our clients the option of telephone consultations with a physician or therapist.
If required, we assist you in procuring follow-up care. Our medical coordinator organizes follow-up examination and medical care in other medical facilities for you.

We are honored to work closely with the 3rd Surgical Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and University Hospital in Motol and its head, Prof. Dr. Robert Lischke, Ph.D. If more demanding surgery is needed, we can thus ensure our clients the certainty of first-class care at a respected teaching facility.

We place great importance on the superior expertise and human approach of our physicians, therapists, and nurses.
The vast majority of physicians at My Clinic are leading experts in their respective fields. We support them in their continuing professional and personal development and lifelong education and training efforts.
The key to successful treatment is teamwork among our specialists, who thus ensure that all relevant aspects of patient care are covered.

Most of the specializations listed below apply to children, too.
Allergology and immunology, dermatology, dental hygiene, endocrinology and diabetology, general medicine, general surgery, occupational therapy, occupational medicine, one-day surgery (starting in 2024), gynaecology, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, ENT - ear, nose and throat, orthopedics, pneumology, psychiatry, psychology, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, rheumatology, sonography, stomatology, urology, vascular surgery.

We also arrange specific healthcare programmes and events based on individual requests, such as preventive cancer screening, online consultation etc.

You’ll find MY CLINIC at Telehouse, a modern facility in Prague 6, just a stone’s throw from Dejvická metro station. The moment you enter our premises, you‘ll appreciate the modern and friendly environment. The architectural layout and interior design of our clinic were created with the consummate comfort of everyone in mind.
The consulting and examination rooms have been designed with the involvement of our practitioners, with maximum emphasis on both functionality and making our clients feel welcomed. The design of waiting rooms and corridors invokes an accommodating atmosphere and a feeling of perfect care.
All our premises satisfy the most stringent hygiene and safety requirements for the operation of healthcare facilities.

The use of certified state-of-the-art technology that helps our physicians arrive at the correct diagnosis and plays an important role in the treatment process is routine for us. We take pride in the fact that a number of our exceptional instruments are otherwise available only at several university hospitals in the Czech Republic.

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Beware of hidden costs

Reviewed by user 14.10.2023
I have had some very good experiences at my clinic. My GP is really fantastic. However, the yearly plan does not allow you to choose what you really need - and instead chooses for you what services you get included. It is limited compared to other services. In addition, be warned that if you have Czech insurance, the doctors cannot write prescriptions for you. To be more specific, they will write a prescription, but you have to pay for... read more