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Clayo Clinic is the most innovative IVF Clinic in the Czech Republic with its own research in the field of embryology and provides an original treatment method developed by Dr Daniel Hlinka, PhD.
Dr. Hlinka helped thousands of couples, and thanks to his work and embryological innovations, more than 5000 children were born. During his clinical practice (including his previous clinic - Prague Fertility Centre) he has brought many innovations into the field of infertility treatment which have become a part of the standard procedures in the most of IVF clinics.

OptimICSI: This is a non-invasive method, utilising polarisation microscopy, which recognises the maturity of the eggs and determines the optimal stage of ICSI fertilisation (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), thereby maximising the number of high-quality embryos suitable for transfer. The method is proposed mainly for poor/delayed responders.

Time-lapse System (TLS): In 2010, Dr Hlinka was one of the first in the world to introduce continuous monitoring of embryo development. TLS allows non-disturbed embryo culture and records key markers of embryo development which allows an objective embryo scoring.
At Clayo Clinic the whole TLS is powered by artificial intelligence CATI (artificial intelligence developed by dr. Hlinka) which standardises an embryo scoring and predicts non-invasively the chromosomal status of embryos. It is a non-invasive alternative for couples where invasive biopsy of embryos fro PGT-A is not acceptable. Moreover, TLS brought a full transparency into the IVF treatment so that the couples can understand and/or accept the proposed outcomes (e.g. D3 or D5 transfer, to do or not to do PGT etc.).

ASET (Asynchronous embryo transfer):
In the cases, when there is repeated implantation failure after transferring of high-quality embryos, we recommend the transfer of embryos at different stages of development (D3, D5). It can cover a wider implantation window of uterine receptivity and increases the chances of successful embryo implantation. This approach is a non-invasive alternative to ERA test.

Other IVF methods:
Vitrification: safe and efficient preservation of eggs and embryos.
(suitable for egg freezing of oncologic patients and for social reasons)
MESA/TESE - microsurgical sperm retrieval from the epididymis or testicles
For azoospermic men
LAZT: Laser assisted hatching
LAISS: Laser-assisted selection of immotile sperm
MICHSS: Microfluidic chip-based sperm selection
EmbryoGlue: combines with laser-assisted hatching for optimal implantation.
(and many others ….see IVF methods)
Clayo Clinic offers affordable prices and guarantees as defined in actual price lists/guarantees.

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