Lene Mordal- Counselor, CBT therapist

Lene Mordal- Counselor, CBT therapist

Puskinovo namesti 447/9, Prague, 16000

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My name is Lene Mordal, and I am the counselor behind Core Counseling Service in Prague. I am passionate about facilitating processes for my clients to live safe and content lives, where you get the most out of your unique skills, potential and circimstance.
I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Social Science from the University of Trondheim, and studied Master of Peace and Conflict at the University of Oslo. I have continuing education in Domestic Violence. Certified therapist in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), ART, Client-based approach, and utilizing Trauma Based Care and other recognized methods within the counseling field (for more info about experience, methods and areas of expertise, scroll to bottom or visit web page).

Types of counseling:

Individual counseling: With individual consultations, you get to give attention to your specific situation and the issues you are dealing with. Giving a safe and non-judgemental space to share, identify solutions, and support a positive development.

Youth counseling: If there is a time in life where we should offer support, it is during the stages of change. Being young right now is vastly different from when parents were the same age. Most struggle to be understood and seen, and this impacts behaviour, school performance, attitudes and interests. I help youth and adolescents strengthen sense of self-worth and improve relationships with family, friends, teachers and others, by providing concrete methods and strategies. Giving a safe and non-judgemental space to vent frustrations, fears, identify solutions, but also celebrate progress and support positive change.

Family counseling: Communication with the ones you care the most about can be complicated and difficult, because there are so many expectations and feelings involved, and the stakes are high. The issues in your family could be conflict or distance between your parent or child. It could be difference in opinions in parenting styles, whether still together or co-parenting. In family counseling you will each be heard, your needs and preferences mapped and you will be given concrete strategies to change the dynamic for the better.

Group counseling: In groups, the participants experience recognition, understanding and community, which in itself is beneficial for any processes for change. The participants will most often learn the most from the ideas and reflections of the other participants. It is often a educational, safe, and even FUN way to gain insight and postive change.

For businesses:

Working as a counselor in different types of organizations has given me insight into a wide variety of issues that employees may be facing, and how these issues impact their behaviour, productivity, ability to focus, memory, attitudes and ability to cooperate. I have been responsible for training resources to work with diverse groups and everything from severe issues like experience with violence, to every day disturbances like communications errors and minor conflicts. There are different approaches to supporting your organization to maximise thriving and productivity:

Sosio-emotional counseling for you or your employees: Personal issues will most often impact your whole life, including your work. If you are struggling with social cues, have had some experience with trauma, are experiencing trouble in relationships, this can show up in productivity, team cooperation or through making mistakes. Personal issues are most often hard to bring up, not only because you don’t have time or know how, but because they are just that: personal. Offering counseling to your employees is not only a smart investment in getting employees who are struggling back on track. It can actually increase overall productivity by supporting staff in reaching their potential.

Diversity and inclusion advisement: Research shows that the quality, reach and profitability increases if you successfully include diversity at all levels in your organization. I have worked with representation and inclusion strategies, and can support you in your process of assuming strategic measures that will make you more successful in recruiting, keeping, and getting the most value from a diverse workforce in your business.

Workshops (with or without individual follow-ups): Communication, co-operation, roles and work environment. I have worked with group processes to improve communication and conflict resolution in organizations. Recognizing the strengths in your co-workers, and embracing self-awareness can be game-changing for If you want to invest in a day of fun, educational and team developmental strategies.

Course: Dealing with feedback: How do you know what feedback to adjust to? Discarding feedback as offensive or wrong, even if true, will impede your learning and career advancement. However, adjusting to every external wish or demand will make you exhausted, and can be equally unprofessional to rejecting change. This course will give you tools for receiving and processing critique or requests in a way that more accurately will choose the right situations to adapt to, and the right ones to hold your ground.

More about methods and experience:
Through my over 20 years in working with people and communities, I have used different methods and tools for working with communication, change facilitation and empowerment. I find that an eclectic approach to utilizing elements from different methods benefits most processes. I have worked with issues such as anger management, empowerment, self-awareness, loneliness and domestic violence. With families I have worked on communication and conflict resolution, co-parenting, emotional-focused parenting, ADHD, recovery, loneliness, honor-issues and radicalization.

I have extensive experience in working with victims of domestic violence, and welcome DV survivors to gain support for living good lives. However, if you are currently struggling with a violent home situation, you should be advised that I am not experienced in dealing with Czeck law-enforcement, health-, financial-, or social support systems. If you are looking to leave a violent relationship, you should always seek protection and help from organizations with local resources to help you to safety.

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