Silvia Miklikova
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I provide therapy and consultancy for depression, anxiety, self-destructive behaviour, cross-cultural issues, adjustment, and relationship/partnership issues. With great experience in work with addictions, I also treat clients with abuse problems or self harm behaviour (e.g., alcohol, gambling, drugs, eating disorders), client’s significant others and loved ones. This work requires good crisis intervention techniques and motivational work.
In therapy and counselling I focus on the client's needs and experiences of the often-difficult life situations.

From the non-psychological career field can be noted that I worked at the Nadácia otvorenej spoločnosti - Open Society Foundation, where I led the Public health program. In my work I focused on advocacy and research activities supporting protection of the rights and opportunities and improvement of the lives of people using illegal drugs and other disadvantaged minority groups in society (sex workers, people living with HIV / AIDS and others). In the past I also worked for the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia in Vienna, the UN Regional Centre and the Delegation of the European Union.

I completed Master degree in Psychology at the Comenius University in Bratislava. I have certified training in Crisis Intervention, Gestalt therapy (Institute for training in GT, Prague) and Emotion-Focused Therapy (Institute of Emotion-Focused Therapy Ireland, held in Prague). I spent several years living in London, UK.

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Professional and caring therapist

Reviewed by Michael Campbell 23.11.2019
I have been seeing Silvi for 18 months now. Before I started to see her I was skeptical about therapy but decided to try it after having some issues with insomnia and alcohol use. Silvi has been extremely professional, patient and caring and has helped me to identify and begin to address some of the underlying issues which were interfering with my life. Her approach is theoretically informed but she does not let theory dominate her... read more

Silvia helped me to find my own way

Reviewed by Alexandra.Nosek 06.05.2015
While studying in Prague, I had an excellent experience with Silvia as my therapist. I was seeing her for almost a year for individual therapy because I was in a very difficult and complicated personal situation. She help me to understand my feelings, needs and relationships I create with others. As a result of this process, I can say I found myself and my own way. For those who are afraid of therapy but are in need of one, I wish to have such... read more

A gifted therapist - highly recommended.

Reviewed by Gary.Smith 16.10.2014
I have seen a few therapists in the past but never felt totally comfortable. With Silvia, I felt totally at ease. I was able to talk freely and openly about everything. Silvia helped guide me expertly through my "mind fog" to a place of clarity and various epiphanies. I now feel like genuine life long change has happened. Silvia comes highly recommended from me.

I am pleased to recommend

Reviewed by Mila.K 06.10.2014
Silvia is genuinely compassionate person who also happen to be therapist. She helped me to deal with my relationship issues. I felt safe to discuss uneasy not so pleasant things in my life. I would recommend Silvia to anyone I care about who is seeking therapy.

Peter Zarak

Reviewed by Peter.Zarak 05.10.2014
Silvia was enthusiastic therapist and she was sensitive to me. I met her during my staying in Prague in difficult situation and series sessions helped me. She supported me and her combination of professional skills and personal approach was wonderful.