Karin Kempf - Therapy and Counseling

Karin Kempf - Therapy and Counseling

Perlová 370/3, Praha 1, 11000 Opening hours

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I am a Czech/American psychotherapist working in both Czech and English, with experience living as an expat, as well as a local. I believe that we can improve our quality of life through understanding our relationships and mental health processes, whether one is addressing a specific issue or challenge (life events and situations, a particular relationship, stress, etc.) and by working on understanding ourselves. This means learning why we do the things we do - or why others may do the things they do, and working with this knowledge in order to improve how we communicate and live. I am also interested in the mind-body connection, and what current research in this area is teaching us. I have training in life coaching, as well as in psychotherapy, and am a dedicated, life-long student in these areas in order to offer you the best service and cooperation that I can. I very much enjoy working with all kinds of people, and I look forward to meeting you!

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