Dr. Leona Rajdlova Dyrehauge

Dr. Leona Rajdlova Dyrehauge

Hollarovo náměstí 1998/11, Praha 3, 13000

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I am an authorised clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, working with adults and teenagers. I work with a method called Guided Affective Imagery. I mainly work with anxiety, self doubts, intimacy issues and relationship issues. I am also working with breath and a cold exposure. I am a certified Wim Hof instructor. My therapeutic style is compassionate, kind, direct and engaging. I also believe that one of the most powerful therapeutic tools is the humanity of the therapist. I like my clients, support them and offer a human closeness.

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Therapy with Leona

Reviewed by kazinczech 17.01.2013
I began psychotherapy with Leona soon after I moved to the Czech Republic. We worked together for about 2 years. I have had a number of therapist in the past, so I have a good experience of the various approaches that therapists take. Leona is warm and compassionate with a hug empathy and strength of character, allowing you to feel extremely secure to consider yourself and evolve through the therapeutic process. Honest, fair, and non... read more


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