Denisa Lobova - Holistic Life Coach

Denisa Lobova - Holistic Life Coach

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Allow me to understand you better…
- Do you feel trapped in an endless cycle of stress and pressure, yearning for both success and happiness?
- Are you tirelessly juggling an overwhelming array of priorities, leaving little time for your well-being?
- Do you crave authentic connections, instead of superficial or toxic relationships, and long for a genuine sense of belonging?
- Are self-doubt, negative thoughts, and fear of failure constant companions, hindering your ability to make choices with confidence?
- Do you find yourself lost and overwhelmed, both in life and the city of Prague, with a fear of burning out?
- Have you explored therapy or coaching in the past, now desire to delve deeper?

I am here to talk about it. I will not put additional pressure, judge you, or give advice. I will listen and guide you from your current problems to their solutions, by asking questions and using coaching techniques.

As a result, you will:
- Explore and understand various facets of your life, including relationships, career, health, and personal growth.
- Learn from experience, discover your true self, and boost your confidence
- Manage negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety, safeguarding against burnout.
- Take responsibility for your well-being, set boundaries, and make choices that align with your values and aspirations.
- Achieve balance and harmony in all areas, fostering a sense of fulfillment and purpose.
- Create a plan and take the first steps toward a positive and sustainable change.

We can meet in Prague-Vinohrady (near I.P.Pavlova station). The session usually takes 90 minutes and costs from 2.500 CZK. The introduction of 30 minutes online is free.

Drop me a message to get started!

Client reviews:

“Denisa helped me find resources to get things done, put my life in order, and enjoy small steps on the way to reaching my Northern Star. Working together, I gained confidence that things can be changed for the better. Positive results did not take too long, and the desired happiness is already here waiting for me. After a few sessions, I firmly believe that “I can, I want, I deserve to be happy.” Maxim, Product Owner, expat in Praha

“I met Denisa when I was struggling with choosing between working in a corporation and becoming a freelancer. She helped me understand which way of working suits me best and why I was hesitating for so long to take this step. I no longer doubt leaving the corporation. She grasps your problems in a blink of an eye, and her analysis is on point. I can truly recommend her!” Maria, Content Creator & Project Manager, expat in Praha

Who Am I?
Hailing from Brno, I stand apart from being an expat or a typical local of Prague. My journey spans approximately forty countries, encompassing hitch-hiking adventures and a year abroad. With a remarkable academic background, holding Master's degrees in Law and Business, I spent five years as a strategy consultant, leading international project teams, including Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.
However, life took a different turn when burnout and personal crises paused my unstoppable path. I discovered my calling in psychology and coaching. This transformative period led me to reconstruct my life, alter my career trajectory, find a life partner, and ultimately, become a life coach in Prague.
My mission is to inspire you to embark on a similar journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.

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