Child Psychotherapist in Prague

Child Psychotherapist in Prague

Milešovská 1312/6, Praha 3, 13000 Now closed - opens

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I am offering individual play and movement-based psychotherapy for children let through a non-directive, client-centered approach, in English, Czech and French.

I am also leading creative dance and movement therapy groups for children that might have troubles with socializing and peer to peer interactions due to various conditions such as language delays, ASD, ADHD or traumas.

I am collaborating with VZP insurance as part of the mental healthcare program, therefore it is possible to gain a contribution up to CZK 500 per session. More info about the program is available on the website.

As a child psychotherapist, I combine the principles of dance-movement therapy, non-directive therapeutic play skills, and the principles of Child-Parent Psychotherapy. I perceive behavior, play and movement as a form of communication and I ask, "what is the child expressing and sharing with us through the movement and symbolic play, what is their need and how could I support them?"

Who am I?
My name is Jana Markova and I gained my psychotherapy education through the Dance/Movement Therapy Master's program at Pratt Institute in New York City. I had been working with diverse children's populations since 2019. As a Mental Health Clinician at University Settlement, I worked with preschool children affected by trauma. I also served children with ASD, ADHD and developmental delays at the Joan Fenichel Therapeutic Nursery at the League School in Brooklyn. For several years, I collaborated with a non-profit organization POW! - Power of We! creating free enrichment programs for children of all ages and backgrounds.

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Don’t hesitate to work with her,

Reviewed by Angela Salcedo 19.05.2023
I met Jana more than three years ago in a volunteer program for children with Down Syndrome in NYC. Since I met her, she has consistently demonstrated professionalism and skill as a dance movement therapist. She led the movement session and the children were always eager to participate and to interact with her. The activities were fun and very appropriate for the kind of group we had. Besides, she is very experienced working with children with... read more


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