Žižkov is Prague's Montmartre

Steep narrow streets and a good variety of pubs and restaurants

Pilsner Urquell

Written by Pilsner Urquell Published on 30.07.2015 16:41:14 (updated on 30.07.2015) Reading time: 2 minutes

Žižkov is sometimes called Prague’s Montmartre. This bohemian quarter vibrant with night life mainly offers steep narrow streets and a good variety of pubs and restaurants. Which of them are worth stopping by to have a good beer?

Experience the beauty of beer and the Žižkov city district all at once  

The streets of Žižkov are characterised by a number of apartment buildings from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. In one of them, the Sklep Restaurant was established, offering summer and winter gardens, lager and a wide choice of delicacies, such as Vodňany-style roast duck, potato and Karlovy Vary-style knedlíky and sauerkraut. Outdoor seating with an untraditional view of the busy city traffic is offered at the Na Křižovatce Restaurant, not far from the historical Olšany cemetery. With good Pilsner beer you can order delicacies which you definitely cannot find everywhere in the vicinity – home-made pork crackling with lard and onion, or beer cheese with fried bread. You can also enjoy the atmosphere of the Žižkov district in the Žižkovský restaurant Olše, situated between the Olšany cemetery and the TV tower – the symbol of this city district. The fame of the restaurant, in particular its roast ribs marinated in honey, has long ago spread beyond the borders of the district.

Tips for good beer and interesting cuisine

Žižkov is a fantastic place and the right quarter of the city to enjoy an evening sit-down over excellent beer and food. We recommend you go to Kopyto. This Pilsner-style restaurant is the only one in Prague to boast specialties made from coypu, with its lean, top quality meat that is easy to digest. Bílá vrána offers an attractively designed interior combining teak and copper. Its menu will certainly satisfy both meat lovers and vegetarians. And the Belzepub restaurant offers a variety of bio quality burgers to go with draft Pilsner beer. The beef cattle from which the supplies of meat to this pub come graze freely in the pastures of the Krušné Mountains. You can also navigate the broad range of interesting Žižkov pubs using the Pilsner Urquell navigator, which is available from www.pilsner-urquell.cz.   

Kopyto: unconventional meat and properly chilled Pilsner beer
Kopyto: unconventional meat and properly chilled Pilsner beer

Traditional Czech and Slovak cuisine

If you are looking for a traditional local pub with Pilsner beer on tap, you can find it in Žižkov as well.  One such is the folky U Mariánského obrazu Restaurant featuring a classic wooden style interior. If Czech cuisine is not what you fancy at the moment, the restaurant will appeal with its wide range of famous Slovak recipes. Modern-style Czech cuisine is also available at the U Kaštanu restaurant on the outskirts of the Žižkov district. 

U Mariánského obrazu: a small folky pub in the centre of Žižkov
U Mariánského obrazu: a small folky pub in the centre of Žižkov

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