These are the most annoying passengers you meet on Prague public transport

A new campaign wants to enforce public transport etiquette by introducing do's and don'ts via distinct passenger profiles. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 21.07.2022 10:30:00 (updated on 21.07.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

Prague public transport has been rated one of the best and most reliable in Europe. It is a beloved, cost-efficient means of commuting for both residents and tourists.

But there are several things to remember while taking public transportation, and a new public-service campaign aims to raise awareness about public transit etiquette.

Instead of tedious reminders about the do's and don'ts of taking city transport, Prague Integrated Transport (PID) is sharing comical new infographics that bring to life what it considers some of the most obnoxious passenger behaviors.

1. The tight squeezer

Photo: PID
Photo: PID

We've all seen it (and done it). The metro doors are closing, the voice is announcing the next stop when all of a sudden a hand, or a handbag, slides through the doors, followed by a contorted body pushing onto the train and making everyone aboard wonder: "Wouldn't it be better to wait another 3-5 minutes instead of suffering the pain and awkward stares?" 

PID says such behavior is not only dangerous and bothersome to other passengers but can disrupt metro operations. That's why the Prague metro etiquette campaign asks straphangers not to enter the doors at the last minute but wait patiently on the platform.

2. The door blocker

Door guard. Photo: PID
Door guard. Photo: PID

The so-called door guard or doorman is another character you meet on the Prague metro, blocking the entrance and exits instead of moving back and taking a seat, making it all but impossible for those getting on or off the bus, metro, or tram. 

This character wasn't initially part of the original campaign but was added after public feedback. Numerous outraged commuters wrote to the Czech daily Metro to explain the motivation of some of the so-called metro menaces or propose new ones. The doorman was one of the characters overwhelmingly requested by readers. 

3. The two-seat sitter

Two-seater. Photo: PID
Two-seater. Photo: PID

An annoying two-seat sitter is a person who hates looking out the window. "He always sits on a seat in the aisle and puts his backpack next to him. This will protect the entire car from the dangerous view from the window," commented one of the campaign organizers.


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The two-seater is now garnering much acclaim. Some would like him to be a woman. "It's a shame that only men appear in negative roles in PID campaigns. Let's not support stereotypes," wrote one Metro reader.

Other characters will also be released gradually, said the campaign spokesman.

Which of these metro characters annoys you most?

The tight squeezer 4 %
The door blocker 63 %
The two-seat sitter 33 %
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What is the strangest thing you've ever seen on the Prague metro and/or do you have other suggestions of characters for PID to feature? Send your photos and comments to

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