A former distillery complex in Prague is inspired by London’s Kings Cross district

The Trigema investment group's Lihovar development will offer around 550 apartments ranging from small one-bedroom to luxurious five-bedroom units.

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Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 01.08.2022 16:57:00 (updated on 01.03.2023) Reading time: 4 minutes

The site of one of Prague's largest original distilleries, Fischl and Sons, in the city’s Smíchov district, will become the Lihovar residential complex, built by the Trigema investment group. Lihovar will offer around 550 apartments with layouts ranging from small one-bedroom to luxurious five-bedroom units with roof terraces and jacuzzis.

The Lihovar concept is intended to do more than just provide housing. It will become a cultural and social district, with its food market, cafes, bistros, shops, and a five-story art gallery by the famous Czech sculptor and artist David Černý that will give space to modern art. The overall concept is inspired by London's Kings Cross district.

The first phase of the new neighborhood, which offers 250 apartments, is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

The architecture of Trigema Group’s new residential district, which will consist of a series of brick-faced houses, builds on the distillery’s industrial past. The complex is located in the southern part of Smíchov, bordered by Nádražní and Strakonická Streets. The ubiquitous industrial spirit of the old Smíchov buildings is sensitively blended with original architecture, state-of-the-art materials, art, and the lives of its inhabitants.

The individual landmarks of the area include the Flaška (in czech slang for “bottle”) Building, a chimney with a viewing capsule, and the historic Varna building, which will be transformed into an art gallery. A green courtyard will provide residents and visitors with a respite from the busy Smíchov streets.

Lihovar is more than just a residential space. Trigema’s ambitious project offers an extraordinary concept where living is a social and cultural experience and the surrounding space is a place that opens the door to stories.

The Unbridled Lightness Of Being

Lihovar has a young, independent soul. The new buildings in the complex not only reflect the traditional buildings of Smíchov in their size but also reference the historical, raw industrial architecture. The architectural style incorporates artifacts of the industrial heritage, infusing the place with playfulness.

The apartment layouts, ranging from one-bedroom to five-bedrooms, make them suitable for singles and young couples, families with children, as well as middle-aged couples, and active seniors. Their common denominator is lightness, playfulness, originality, and space for all the ideas and dreams of their inhabitants. The residents of Lihovar, whoever they are in their civilian lives, will find room to grow there.

The individual entrances to the apartment buildings are specific to the local old industrial heritage and recall the crafts of the past, such as cooperage, glass blowing, and the production of spirits. The new housing has a proposed natural green roof with its own park, which will offer relaxation from the worries of everyday life to all Lihovar residents and open up a breathtaking view of Vyšehrad, Prague Castle, and the entire Vltava Valley.

The common areas of the houses are themed according to distillery technology: on the western side of the complex, we find the corner Flaška Building, which resembles an original bottle from the distillery, built with the bottom up and with a facade imprinted several times by 3D printing. As you pass along Strakonická Street toward the city, the individual landmarks such as the Flaška, Komín, and Chimney tower, fold behind each other.

The park-like courtyard is playfully complemented by historical artifacts from the original Fischl and Sons distillery, and offers a relaxation zone rich in greenery as well as a free passage through the complex, creating a quiet alternative to the busy streets of Smíchov.

Old metal structures of the product pipelines will grow out of the inner courtyard, from which greenery will grow and water will flow. The northern edge of the area will be complemented by a children's area, streetball court, and a dog park.

The area is designed to be a self-contained space for the community of local residents, as well as a place of relaxation for visitors. The public spaces are accessible to anyone and encourage active leisure.

Endless tastes of home

An integral part of the new neighborhood will be a generous food market with local bistros, restaurants, and cafés, reminiscent of the southern character of sunny Lisbon. The food market emphasizes the independent spirit and carefree, inspiring atmosphere of the area, turning Lihovar into a meeting and social event venue and a new heart of Smíchov.

The entire ground floor and the first two floors are dedicated to social life and gastronomic experiences. It will be open all year round. However, the meeting place has been designed with sensitivity so as not to disturb the peaceful comfort of living. In addition to restaurants and cafés, the 4,500 square meter Lihovar will also offer a supermarket and other shops.

Culture is inherent to life in Lihovar, and the complex includes a multifunctional space for cultural and social events. The real cultural heart of Lihovar is the historic Varna building, which, thanks to an original but sensitive architectural concept, will be transformed into a five-story gallery with a café.

Some elements of the interior of this cultural monument have been preserved unchanged, bringing the unique spirit of the time into the present and future. A generous exhibition space with a square atrium will offer an extraordinary authentic atmosphere and space for the current work of contemporary artists in permanent and guest exhibitions.

The multifunctional space will also bring a cultural spirit to Lihovar, opening the doors to cultural events such as screenings, cinema, stand-up comedy, theater productions, and concerts. The space for social events is designed in such a way that it does not interfere with the peaceful comfort of living.

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