Ten Places to Meet Women in Prague

Some say that there are beautiful women everywhere in Prague – but like anything, it pays to know where to look

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Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 11.09.2012 15:21:02 (updated on 11.09.2012) Reading time: 10 minutes

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Prague is no doubt a beautiful city teeming with equally gorgeous women. Yet, if you think that just because you’re a foreigner in Prague beautiful women are going to fall magically into your lap, think again. To meet women, it makes sense that you first need to know where to find them. Let’s face it, wandering aimlessly around Old Town Square all night is not going to get you anywhere – except maybe drunk and dizzy. You need some pointers.

From cyberpunk clubs to hipster cafés here’s a list of the top ten places to meet women in Prague.

1. Lucerna Music Bar
Considered by many to be the pick-up joint in Prague. Located just off Wenceslas Square, Lucerna Music Bar is renowned for it’s 80s and 90s nights (every Friday and Saturday night). The great thing about Lucerna is that it not only plays great tunes but that it has the casual vibe to match. You don’t need to dress up or pretend to be anyone you’re not – you just have to know how to have fun.

It’s no wonder then that the bar attracts a young, positive crowd. Lucerna also offers a consistently great line up of live performances, everything from PJ Harvey to Hip Hop legends The Roots more recently in the past. So it’s a great place for meeting Czech women and expats alike with a mutual love of music, dancing, and having a good time. Strongly recommended.

Ten Places to Meet Women in Prague

Note: If you’re a fan of 80s and 90s music you will also want to check out Futurum over the other side of the river. It is also famed for its 80s and 90s nights and very popular with both expats and Czech women.

2. Radost FX
Vegetarian restaurant by day, beat pumping club by night. Actually, that’s a lie. Up until 4am you can still get all the veggie food your heart desires upstairs. You can then enjoy it as you sink further and futher into one of the very chic and cosy sofas upstairs. But don’t get too comfortable – you want to meet girls remember! Radost FX is one of the most renowned clubs for meeting women in Prague. Located in the trendy area of Vinohrady, not far from IP Pavlova and Muzeum, means that it is easily accessible no matter where you’re based. The perfect location to attract Czechs and expats.


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Ten Places to Meet Women in Prague

Head to Radost FX any Thursday night for “FX Bounce” their Luxury Hip Hop night.

3. Chapeau Rouge
It’s a meet market. This is the place to booze up and party hard. You’ll be doing the disco stop to the early hours of the morning, but if you don’t watch yourself you can drink so much you’ll have forgotten all about the wonderful time you had there by the next day. All the more reason to go back again! You will feel your shoes squelch on the stickiness of the dance floor, and you will need to have a certain prowess in the art of “bar weaving” to get a drink – but there are ladies, lots of ladies.

Chapeau Rouge is located just off the Old Town Square and it’s particularly popular with the expat community. Don’t expect to meet many Czech women, but rather plenty of other foreigners who are out for a great time. Thursday night is usually Erasmus night, so lots of students. A tip however, is to avoid getting there late. Like weaving your way to the bar, it’s a case of first in first served.

Ten Places to Meet Women in Prague

Note: If you want to meet expats another great bar to try out is Iron Curtain (most locals refer to it as Propoganda) located on Michalská street in Prague 1.

4. Jam Café
Girls love guys who can dance right? All you have to ask is “Chcete tančit?” in Czech or “You wanna dance?” But before you hit the dance floor and start practicing your “sprinkler”, “lawn mower”, and “crotch grind” you may want to consider getting proper dance lessons. Because sure, girls like guys who can dance, but they prefer guys who can dance well.

Jam Café is just the place to get your booty on. Not just a bar, but also oddly enough a casting agency. Throughout the week they offer classes in different styles of dancing: Monday nights it’s Lindy Hop, Wednesday nights Authentic Jazz, and on Tuesday nights the sumptuous Latino rhythms of Salsa. This place has the beautiful balance of being sleek and yet casual, relaxed and yet a hell of a lot of fun.

What are you waiting for? Get your dance shoes on!

5. Solidní Jistota
An ‘in’ spot for the local 20 and early 30 something crowd. Solidní Jistota is also a favourite haunt of Czech B-list actors, models, and sports stars. Unfortunately though, you can spend a long time trying to be noticed at the bar (all those celebs have priority) but on the plus side during the summer the grill bar stays open ’til 4am so you can easily tuck into a late night steak.

Ten Places to Meet Women in Prague

The venue is often packed with beautiful women intent on drinking themselves into near oblivion (I say near because sometimes it seems impossible that Czechs or Slovaks can ever get completely drunk.) Plus, the only beer on tap is the heftily priced Heineken, which makes the prospect of getting drunk even more difficult. The music can also be quite cheesy, so dont expect to be impressed by any amazing Djs, but if you’re looking to meet beautiful women you’re bound to have a lot of fun. Believe me, a lot of fun.

6. Cross Club
A Bowie-esque labyrinth of passageways, bizarre welded metal sculptures on the walls, and more than a touch of cyber punk – Cross Club is certainly unique. Obviously both Czechs and expats agree, because it’s an even mixture. The place is known for it’s great music, Djs playing drum and bass, hard trance, side trance, dubstep, and reggae. So if you’re looking to meet a dubstep chick or a fellow raver this is the one and only place to be.

Inevitably, in weaving your way through the labyrinth you will find the table football on the top floor – often termed the Czech national sport. A great chance to meet women, but get your game on! For some reason at Cross Club, I always seem to meet Czech girls who can beat me ten – nil. Regardless, if it happens to you, ask her to help you improve your game.

7. Nebe (Křemencova)
The Czechs have just one word for both heaven and sky: nebe. So it might surprise you to find that the club Nebe is undergound. Indeed the only thing “holy” about Nebe might be it’s name, for the club has a reputation amongst some as being full of desperate women waiting to ambush any guy who wanders into the place. Whether it’s true or not… well, I’ll leave that for you to find out. The tip is to go late (one or two in the morning) when you still find beautiful girls on the dance floor.

Nebe is located in the city centre not far from Karlovo Náměstí and Národní Třída, and you will find that it is 50/50 expats and Czechs. Different genres of music are played on different nights during the week with each song accompanied by the music clip projected behind the dance floor. On wednesday nights, the Czech classic music night is positively kitsch. But don’t worry, most Czech locals think the clips are just as hilarious as you do. Plus, it provides the perfect opportunity to ask, “What are they singing about?” Or in Czech, “Co zpívají?”

Note: There is more than one place called Nebe in Prague. The one I am recommending is located on Křemencova street.

8. V Lese
Not everyone is a party animal. So if you’re after more quiet, arty, intellectual women you may want to start frequenting Prague’s numerous quiet/arty/intellectual cafés. V Lese is just one trendy example. In fact, it’s quite the hipster hang out. The name V Lese means “in the forest” in Czech  and it’s a fitting name because the place, while generally calm during the day can turn wild at night. So there is something to suit everyone.

On the weekends there are always events in the basement. In fact, everytime I’m in that basement I feel like I’ve entered another world. Tattered rugs cover the floor, assorted motley chairs are scattered about the room, and a picture of Vaclav Havel hangs lopsidedly on the wall seemingly unmoved for the last twenty years. I never know what I will find down there –  live music, plays, parties, markets. In any case, there are always young women in abundance.

9. Bio Oko
If you are a film buff, or let’s face it, if you just like films – and who doesn’t? Then check out Bio Oko in Prague 7, Kino Světozor in Prague 1, or Kino Aero in Prague 3. Take your pick, they’re all run by the same company, and they’re all great cinemas. Not to mention, the adjacent bars are also perfect places to meet interesting, intelligent women. Bio Oko regularly shows a varied program of underground films, selections from film festivals, documentaries, big-budget movies, and classics from around the world. Svetozor and Aero meanwhile tend to show more arthouse movies and documentaries. Most films are shown in the original language (not necessarily English), with Czech subtitles. Other events are also regularly organised, including a secret cinema night every month, so check out the website for the latest program.

Ten Places to Meet Women in Prague

Imagine, after you see a movie you can head straight to the bar where you will immediately have a myriad of conversation starters about the same film many of the women in the bar will have likewise just seen.

10. Cloud 9
A sophisticated bar for sophisticated women. If you’re looking for your posh spice, you need to go somewhere more fancy than the rest. Check out Cloud 9. Contemporary and signature cocktails are their speciality. On the rooftop of the Hilton Hotel, near Florenc metro station, Cloud 9 offers one of the only opportunities to to take in the skyline views of Prague over the river. Young professionals mingle with guests of the Hilton to a soundtrack of Djs playing lounge and chill-out music. You will not only meet beautiful women at the bar, but you will be served by beautiful women too. The dress code is smart and glamorous, so dress to impress. Open 6:00 till 02:00 and closed on Sundays.

Fashionistas will also want to check out Café – Café. It has a reputation as the coolest café in Prague, where breathtakingly beautiful women sip on flamboyant cocktails and barista coffee. Just don’t be one of the guys slobbering at the doorway. Believe me, they’re used to it. Instead, dress up, go in, and get your mojo on. You know you want to. Open from 10:00 to 22:00.

Two other sophisticated bars worth a mention are Silwer in Prague 1 and Infinity in Prague 3. Again, dress to impress.

In general if you’re looking to meet local Czech women the further you go from the city centre the more Czechs you will encounter. That said though, the further you stray from the centre you are also less likely to meet English speaking Czechs who are interested in meeting expats.

It is worth mentioning that in the Summer the beer gardens in Riegrovy Sady and Letná Park are  great places to meet women, particularly during a sporting match when you can potentially bond through your cheering of a mutual team. Other clubs worth a mention are: Karlovy Lázně, Klub Lávka, Roxy, Harley’s, Mecca, Meet Factory, Duplex, and Yes Club.

Yet another option for meeting women in Prague is Rande Motýl (Butterfly Date in Czech). The company operates speed dating nights for different age groups in English and the women are usually 50/50 Czechs and expats. You’ll get a free drink on the night and after the musical chairs you can hang out in the bar afterwards to continue any conversations for which three minutes just wasn’t enough.

If you feel that I have left anything out, or if you simply agree or disagree with any of the places mentioned in this article please leave a comment below. Likewise, if you have any suggestions or tips about where to meet women in Prague we’re all ears!

For a full list of music clubs in Prague, click here.

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