This sausage-flavored ice cream is the Czech hit of the summer

“It’s better than sex,” claim the proprietors of the Ralsko ice cream parlor in Mimoň, outside of Česká Lípa

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 29.07.2019 11:21:35 (updated on 29.07.2019) Reading time: 2 minutes

Apple strudel. Poppyseed. Horseradish. Beer. Slivovice.

These aren’t just staples of the Czech diet–they’re among 100+ different kinds of ice cream that you can sample at gourmet ice cream parlor Ralsko in Mimoň, outside of Česká Lípa in the Liberec region of the Czech Republic.

In recent years, Ralsko has become a destination stop in the small town of Mimoň during the summer months, with a unique lineup of ice cream flavors that few other parlors in the country can compete with.

But the biggest hit of summer 2019? Čabajková, named for the traditional Hungarian sausage that it is made with.

“It’s better than sex,” proprietor Ivana Jablonovská, who has been making ice cream since 2000, jokingly tells Právo. She’s quick to point out that sausage and other varieties are not artificial flavors, but real ingredients the ice cream is made with.

“Čabajková is made from Čabajka, horseradish from horseradish, bread is from bread,” Jablonovská affirms.

“These aren’t ‘flavors’; these are the ingredients that the ice cream is really made from.”

Ralsko's sausage ice cream in Czech newspaper Právo, via Facebook / Zmrzlinárna Ralsko
Ralsko’s sausage ice cream in Czech newspaper Právo, via Facebook / Zmrzlinárna Ralsko

Other ingredients used to concoct the unique flavors at Ralsko include mustard, dill, cabbage, Balkan cheese, and even beef sirloin. But the Hungarian sausage has been a best-seller this year.

“There’s been a great response to the Čabajková,” says Jablonovská.

“You can have [a scoop of] bread and sharp mustard with it, and it’s a real hit.” The mustard ice cream, by the way, is her personal favorite.

Every day during the summer, Ralsko produces between 280 and 350 liters of ice cream. They have so many flavors to offer that they can’t all be displayed.

“Today, we’re offering a total of 107 varieties, we can no longer fit them all into the showcase. [In total] we have already produced 427 different kinds.”

If you’re looking for some sausage ice cream without making the journey to Mimoň, however, you may be out of luck. Čabajková is among 15 flavors of ice cream that Jablonovská has patented with the Czech Industrial Property Office.

Ralsko’s Hungarian sausage ice cream may not even be the strangest ice cream to come out of the Czech Republic in recent years. Other contenders include an ice cream made from smelly Olomouc cheese, and a coal-black ice cream made with goat’s milk.

If you can’t get to Ralsko this summer, check out our list of the top ice cream parlors in Prague for tips on where to get the best flavors in the Czech capital.

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