The Most Common Dating-Related Search Terms in the Czech Republic has revealed what people look for when they look for love and dating advice on-line Staff Jason Pirodsky

Written by StaffJason Pirodsky Published on 13.02.2017 15:01:26 (updated on 13.02.2017) Reading time: 1 minute

One of our most popular articles ever was about where to meet Czech women in Prague; we have explored the Czech on-line dating scene and even took a look at the phenomenon of a dating service for gold diggers.

But no one can offer a better snapshot of love, marriage, and dating, Czech style, than local search engine (According to this map “Seznam” itself was the most Googled search term in the country in 2016). recently released a list of its most popular dating-related search terms for the year 2016 which range from the predictable (Men: “How to meet a model”) to the completely bizarre (Women: “How to meet a bus driver”).

Other fun facts: In 2016, 1.5 million people searched for the word “date”; the word “dating” appeared in 6.5 million searches. 

Martina Pomikálková, product manager at recently told that these were some of the most popular searches among Czechs:


“How to meet…”
…a rich man
…a millionaire
…a doctor
…a bus driver
…a normal man


“How to get acquainted with…”

“…a girl on the bus”
“…a model”
“…a Ukrainian”
“…a hairy woman”

Aside from using to search for people, numerous searches were devoted to finding actual things—the number one searched for item?

Not a lost phone or the meaning of life, but the elusive G-spot.

And while much effort was spent on searching for how to find sex and romance, the word “infidelity” in the past year received more than 100,000 inquiries. 

The term “lover” was used far more than the word “mistress” while “break” in both the context of celebrity and personal break-ups was another commonly searched for word.

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