8 summer beer festivals to attend in support of small Czech brewers

First the pandemic and now inflation have put many craft beer makers on the brink but a good summer could turn things around.

Expats.cz Staff

Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 01.06.2022 15:09:00 (updated on 01.06.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

In the last two years, nearly 30 microbreweries out of 500 across the Czech Republic have closed down, mainly due to the effects of the pandemic.

In an effort to support its members, the Czech-Moravian Association of Microbreweries (ČMSMP) is hosting a microbrewery festival scheduled for June 10–11 at the Royal Garden of Prague Castle. This year, 50 Czech breweries will take part in the festival and over 100 beers will be available for tasting.

Throughout June, a number of beer festivals focused on small breweries will take place (see our list below). Several brands can also be found at food festivals and music festivals across the country this summer.

Beer from popular small brewers such as Únětický pivovar and Pivovar Matuška can be ordered or purchased at local eateries and specialty shops. The beer gardens at the Strahov and Břevnov monasteries serve their own craft beers. Other small brewers operating their own pubs in Prague include Vinohradský Pivovar, Malešický mikropivovar, and Pivovar Ládví Cobolis. Boat brewery Loď Pivovar is another summertime favorite.

One brewery that didn't survive the pandemic was Pivovarský dům in Prague 2. It was a pioneer among Prague microbreweries but ended operations on May 31 after 25 years. The space will open up after renovation with a new owner as a part of Břevnov’s monastery brewery, though full details have not yet been disclosed.

Former Pivovarský dům owner Jan Šuráň told news server iDnes that keeping the restaurant open was costly during the pandemic and he was tired of dealing with uncertainty.

The remaining brewers are now facing higher costs for raw materials and energy. Price increases will have to be passed on, and beer is expected to go up in price by the end of the year.

According to ČMSMP President Michal Voldřich, the price of beer will rise by 10 percent in June. And he expects further price increases at the end of the summer, when breweries will start brewing with raw materials from this year's harvest.

"It takes a lot of energy to produce malt. The increase in malt prices will be substantial, and we have signals that something similar is expected for hops," Voldřich said.

Small brewers were hit hard by the pandemic because they had nowhere to deliver their products when restaurants or hotels were restricted. Beer has a limited shelf life before it spoils. Even large brewers had to destroy unsold beer.

Efforts to deliver beer from small producers during the pandemic helped, but couldn't fully make up for the losses.

As small Czech breweries continue to struggle, a good summer could give them a boost. Fans of craft beer should check out their favorite brands soon, as prices are expected to rise dramatically by the end of the summer.

Beer festivals in Prague in June

  • Crafted Postcovid Beer & Music Festival: June 3–4, Mystic Skatepark Štvanice. Facebook event.
  • Drink for Ukraine: (benefit), June 4, Prague Congress Center. Facebook event.
  • Minibreweries at Prague Castle: June 10–11, Prague Castle's Royal Garden. Facebook event.
  • Kyje beer fest: June 9–11, Prague 9–Kyje. Facebook event.
  • Žižkov beer fest: June 10–11, Parukářka. Prague 3 website.
  • Beer at Náplavka: June 17, Náplavka (Rašínovo nábřeží). Facebook event.
  • 4th Annual Brewing at Ládví Festival: June 17, KD Ládví. Facebook event.
  • Prosek Beer Celebration: June 24–25, Park Přátelství Prosek. Facebook event.
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