Revealed: These are Czechia's 20 most common passwords

The latest NordPass data spotlights the most commonly-used passwords in the Czech Republic, many of which fall in line with global trends. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 19.11.2023 16:24:00 (updated on 19.11.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Despite persistent warnings from security experts, Czechs continue to rely on weak and easily penetrable passwords, as revealed by the latest data from the NordPass password management service.

Their 2023 report exposes the 20 most common passwords used by internet users both worldwide and by country. Many of the most common passwords used by Czech internet users share similarities with those used across the globe, shedding some light on trends for a lax approach to online security.

NordPass, a web service specializing in secure password storage, annually compiles a list of the most commonly used passwords globally.

Collaborating with independent researchers specializing in cybersecurity, the company analyzed a 4.3TB database from various sources, including the dark web. Additionally, data from a 6.6TB password database stolen by malware thieves was examined.

Globally, the notorious '123456' tops the list, emphasizing a common yet risky choice. However, the Czech Republic exhibits a unique preference, with 'admin' claiming the number one spot. 'Admin' is often the default password provided by manufacturers of devices such as routers.

Tomas Smalakys, NordPass Technology Director, notes a tendency among Czech users to select passwords linked to names, evident in common entries such as 'bara1234,' 'martin13,' and 'brigita21.'

While these statistics are presented anonymously, cybersecurity firms routinely publish such findings to raise awareness and discourage individuals from using easily guessable passwords.

These are the 20 most common passwords in the Czech Republic:

  • 1.admin
  • 2.123456
  • 3.123456789
  • 4.Heslo1234
  • 5.user
  • 6.bara1234
  • 7.maminka123
  • 8.*AB12CD34
  • 9.12345
  • 10.heslo
  • 11.000xxx000
  • 12.123456678
  • 13.Aa123456
  • 14.president
  • 15.martin13
  • 16.Pokus123
  • 17.maminka
  • 18.heslo4606
  • 19.martin
  • 20.brigita21

Password security extends beyond complexity to length. NordPass warns that up to 70% of passwords from this year's global list can be cracked in less than one second. A secure password should be at least six characters long, incorporating numbers and both upper and lower case letters. Crucially, passwords should avoid personal names, simple words, or numeric sequences.

The importance of diversifying passwords for various web services is emphasized. This practice ensures that if one service's database is compromised, other accounts remain secure. As cyber threats evolve, prioritizing robust password practices becomes increasingly crucial to safeguard personal information in the digital landscape.

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