Retro Czech Living Room for Hire

A new space for house parties (minus the clean up!) is making the rounds in Prague

Heather O'Brien

Written by Heather O'Brien Published on 07.05.2015 16:15:02 (updated on 07.05.2015) Reading time: 2 minutes

It all started with research conducted by Remy Cointreau and Czech marketing conusltancy firm g82, who stumbled upon the growing trend toward entertaining at home.

“[The research showed] that many lacked the space to have a house party,” says Maria Hrablikova brand manager for Metaxa Czech Republic and Slovakia. There were often other obstacles, according to their research, that discouraged people from playing host. “A lot of people do not want to clean after the party or there is a noise problem,” she adds.

Seizing on the opportunity to remedy the problem, the company purchased a shipping container and in about five week’s time remade it to look like a swank living room. “It’s a unique opportunity to meet up with friends without [someone] having to organize [the party] themselves. With just a few clicks in our e-shop we will prepare everything for them,” says Hrablíková of the Metaxa-sponsored shipping container-party-pad, which is located in Zižkov.

Retro Czech Living Room for Hire

Renting it for the night will set you back 5,000 CZK which gets you 12-hours in the “Partyhaus” with up to 10 friends. The 33 square meter, non-smoking space boasts a cloakroom for shoes (it is a Czech house party space after all) a flushable toilet, iPad with play lists from Spotify, as well as movies, tv, and USB capability in case you want to plug in your own entertainment; did we also mention it has air conditioning?

Retro Czech Living Room for Hire


There are board games and card games that can be played and with a padded door, yes, just like the ones you find in older Czech apartments, the outside world will be kept out whilst you and your ten friends party the night away.

Of course no house party is complete without a wide range of snacks and beverages. A fully stocked bar – 6 bottles in total making about 10 to 12 drinks per person – and mixers like Red Bull, Tonic Water and Coca Cola, is on hand as well as everyday supplies one would find in their fridge like oranges, cucumber and ginger and a recipe book for those who are cocktail challenged. 

Retro Czech Living Room for Hire

Not a cocktail fan? Guests also have 10 beers and a selection of soft drinks to choose from. Food is fully catered and will be reminiscent of SuperBowl-style snacks like Moroccan flat bread with hummus, nachos with guacamole, cheese dip and salsa, mini sliders and chicken wings, as well as crudités and an assortment of dips should keep the party mood going.

Currently the Partyhaus is only available in Prague, but we’ve been told that starting in July a new Partyhaus will also be added to another major city of the Czech Republic.  If the 5,000 CZK seems a bit steep, the Metaxa Facebook page is giving away a free party per month.

Metaxa Partyhaus
Available now through the end of 2015
Do you house party? 

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