From zoo to zámek, a new Troja development boasts some of the best views in Prague

Residence Bella Vista is situated in the heart of one of the city’s most desirable and leafy districts.

William Nattrass

Written by William Nattrass Published on 07.12.2023 17:00:00 (updated on 04.01.2024) Reading time: 4 minutes

Prague is full of magical locations, but few are as beautiful or unusual as the Troja district, tucked away opposite Stromovka park on the other side of the Vltava. Troja blends walkable access to inner-city locations with an atmosphere of leafy seclusion more typically found in further-out districts and commuter villages, along with a host of distinctive local attractions.

A new residential development is now set to open up new possibilities for living in this prime location. In a project appropriately named Residence Bella Vista – Italian for “beautiful view” – two modern apartment buildings are being created by JRD Real Estate with a design inspired by the most special aspects of the surroundings.

From its built elements drawing inspiration from Prague Zoo, which is just a stone’s throw away from the development, to communal outdoor spaces featuring exotic vegetation, Residence Bella Vista pays homage to the beauty of Troja. Those lucky enough to end up living at the completed project will enjoy a quality of life that’s impressive even by Prague’s high standards.

Why Troja?

Although Troja has largely escaped the notice of international tourists compared to other desirable areas in Prague, it boasts truly beautiful buildings, stunning natural landscapes and exciting attractions.

Prague Zoo is the area’s most famous attraction and the main draw for visitors. Residence Bella Vista is situated just around the corner from the entrance to the zoo, so while providing a prime location in a cultural capital of Europe, the location also carries an unmistakable flavor of the exotic. Close to the zoo, Prague’s Botanical Gardens are another top attraction enhancing Troja’s sense of affinity with natural beauty and the great outdoors.

Other major local sites include Trojský zámek, a stunning baroque chateau surrounded by a French-style landscaped park, complete with maze and surrounded by vineyards. A cycle path running alongside the Vltava provides a scenic way to experience the area and to either explore the beautiful outskirts of Prague to the north, or head further into the city via Stromovka to the south. Given its location on the banks of the Vltava, Troja is also a popular spot for canoeing, camping, beach volleyball and other outdoor entertainments.

Residence Bella Vista is a one-off chance to join the close-knit local community. “There is almost no space for building new residential projects in Troja, nor are older properties being sold,” explains Josef Hofmeister, a representative from JRD Real Estate, when discussing the Bella Vista project. “This is a neighborhood where people hand their houses down from generation to generation. Thanks to this, the area retains its peaceful, suburban character, while being well connected to the city center by public transport.”

As such, new residents will be able to enjoy Troja confident in the knowledge that the area will remain peaceful, without being spoiled by overdevelopment.

Homage to Africa

Apartments at Residence Bella Vista will stand out from the crowd thanks to a design that makes playful use of African elements, inspired by the proximity of Prague Zoo. Architects Jan and Jakub Klaška from the SYNC Architecture studio incorporated African elements in the design of balconies, terraces and windows, contrasting them with functionalist design elements that draw on Czechia’s twentieth-century architectural history.

“The proximity of Prague Zoo and especially the nearby African house was one of the main inspirations for this African vibe,” says Josef. “At the same time, we wanted to respect the functionalist and neo-baroque buildings which are typical in Troja.”

“Jan and Jakub have combined these two sources of inspiration really well. They’ve connected clean functionalist shapes and smooth facades with simple details, such as ornamental balconies, that refer to the traditions of working with ornaments in African cultures,” he adds.

Join the community

African-inspired elements are also incorporated in the communal spaces being created at Bella Vista, which will encourage outdoor relaxation and foster a friendly, familiar atmosphere among neighbors.

“ The project features generous private front gardens, terraces and balconies. There will also be a community garden with islands of vegetation reminiscent of the African savannah, a covered pergola, water features, a relaxation zone with a table for games, a play area for children, and a utility zone with edible plants,” Josef explains.

Clearly, the creation of a community suitable for families of all sizes is a priority for JRD. The quiet suburban character of the area, its copious local sports and cultural activities, and interior spaces designed by the Formafatal studio and characterized by warm tones, make for ideal living conditions for kids growing up, parents, young professionals, retirees, or anyone else.

A range of apartment sizes, from compact 1+kk flats to expansive 4+kk family homes, ensures that the Bella Vista community will be richly diverse, with spaces for every type of resident. With construction having already begun in autumn 2023, and with homes in the project selling fast, those interested are encouraged to act now to secure their future home in one of Prague’s most desirable neighborhoods.

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