Prague’s Motol Valley will get a new look and become more inviting

A new plan envisions the development of part of Prague 5 for the coming decades

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 17.01.2020 09:12:00 (updated on 19.09.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes

The Prague City Council approved a new vision of the valley around the Motol Brook. The study by studio A69 – architekti develops new uses and character for the area, and helps integrate it into the city. Local inhabitants participated in the plan’s creation.

The study is divided into two parts due to the nature of the areas, which are connected by Motol Brook (Motolský potok). There is an eastern, densely populated part as well as the connecting area that includes open landscape.

“The study evaluated the priorities, needs in the territory and identified sites for further detailed processing. It is a document that creates a vision for several coming decades. This is a second layer of the master plan with a more detailed scale. I also appreciate that the public and experts have been involved in the planning process. The author addressed the public and took several walks through the area to get the most detailed idea of the landscape,” Deputy Mayor Petr Hlaváček (United Force for Prague), responsible for territorial development and planning, said on the City Hall website.

Motol Valley
Visualization of Motol Valley. via Praha.EU

The first phase of the study deals with built-up areas and improves the quality of the environment. “Busy Plzeňská Street is transforming into a full-fledged city street with many shops, restaurants and cafes. Thanks to the completion of Radlická radial road and moving traffic underground, traffic will be calmed down here, which is a condition for changing its current form,” Prague Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr (Praha sobě) said.

“At the same time, the study brings life to other streets and adjacent slopes. Vrchlického Street will be surrounded on both sides by residential buildings, which form a full-fledged street with trees and parking,” he added.

Currently, Plzeňská Street lacks barrier-free places to cross and has excessive traffic. The speed of cars in Plzeňská and Vrchlického streets causes high levels of noise, dust and smog, which should change.

motol valley
Visualization of Motol Valley. via Praha.EU

“The negative environmental impacts of transport are reduced by appropriate transport measures, increased use of cycling and a reduction in the number of cars in the inner city. In the second stage, the Plzeňská Street traffic corridor turns into a green boulevard and avenue that connects the slopes of the Motol Valley,” Scheinherr said.

The study was presented to contracting authorities, the public and experts. Planners approached locals and users of the area to get the most accurate picture of the territory.

“The project is an example of good public involvement in the planning process. The results of participation were subsequently incorporated into the proposal. It is necessary to mention that the study was commissioned by the Prague 5 district. A big thank you goes to the studio A69 – architekti, which did a great deal of work. It is a pleasure to approve such material,” Hlaváček said.

motol valley
Visualization of Motol Valley. via Praha.EU

The projects that can be implemented immediately without completing Radlická radial include the rebuilding and re-use of the former Kosí depot, where a local center for residents can be created, offering cultural events, local markets and cafes. Furthermore, there can be a partial uncovering of the Motol Brook in front of Budánky and the emergence of rest zones along it or planting trees on Plzeňská Street.

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