Prague's Botanical Garden greets the autumn season with a new harvest exhibition

One of Prague's most colorful autumn locations is ringing in the season with a special exhibition of harvest fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 12.09.2021 13:43:00 (updated on 14.09.2021) Reading time: 2 minutes

Prague has recently been named the world's best city for parks, and as the autumn season approaches the changing colors of flora across the Czech capital make it an especially photogenic place to be.

One of the best places to observe Prague's colorful greenery during the fall months is within the city's Botanical Garden, which has just launched a new autumn harvest exhibition featuring colorful arrangements of seasonal fruit, vegetables, and flowers from florist Slávek Rabušic and his team.

The exhibition is not isolated to a particular area of the Botanical Garden, but the vibrant arrangements are instead spread out across the different areas of the Garden's expansive landscape.

The autumn harvest arrangements can be viewed inside the Botanical Garden's Chapel of St. Klára and nearby wedding gazebo, its Japanese and ornamental gardens, throughout the extensive vineyards, and at other locations.

A celebrated florist, Rabušic has prepared arrangements for film and TV productions, and his work in cooperation with the National Heritage Institute can be seen at permanent installations at castles throughout the Czech Republic.

"Visitors to our exhibits can be inspired by decorations made from live, cut and dried plants and fruits," Botanical Garden director Bohumil Černý states in a press release.

"Our gardeners and employees also take part in the preparation of the arrangement. The Japanese garden is decorated with arrangements based on traditional ikebana, and decorations in the vineyard of St. Klára will be thematically complemented by our wine harvest celebrations."

Vineyard at Prague's Botanical Gardens. Photo: Facebook /
Vineyard at Prague's Botanical Garden. Photo: Facebook / Botanická zahrada Praha

The autumn harvest exhibition at Prague's Botanical Garden runs through September 22, and coincides with the wine harvest celebrations next weekend, September 18-19. The Garden's vineyards are not just for decor, but also produce an annual output of wine which visitors can sample at the location.

During the harvest celebrations next weekend, visitors can try burčák, a young wine that is still in the process of fermentation. The Garden has already harvested 3,300 kilograms of grapes to make burčák for the event.

Tickets to Prague's Botanical Garden run 100 crowns for adults, 45 crowns for children and students, and 50 crowns for senior citizens. Tickets to the indoor Fata Morgana greenhouse, which also includes admission to the Botanical Garden, run 150 crowns for adults and 75 crowns for children, students, and seniors, and can be purchased online through the Garden's e-shop.

More information about Prague's Botanical Garden can be found at the official website.

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