Prague beats out Moscow and London as the best city in the world for parks

Vote for your favorite in our poll and read staffers' nominations for their favorite Prague parks. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 03.09.2021 20:00:00 (updated on 03.09.2021) Reading time: 4 minutes

Prague’s stunning historic architecture is already renowned the world over, but now its many beautiful parks are also gaining international recognition. A new ranking by used real-world data as well as criteria such as Google reviews to establish which of the world’s major cities have the best parks. Prague finished top of the list thanks to an average park review of 4.59 out of 5 and a relatively low population density per park.

The study showed that Prague’s parks combine quality of experience with comparatively low footfall, making them great places to relax, have fun and meet friends. But which are Prague’s best parks? Everyone has their personal favorite, so be sure to vote for your own from the list below.

Here are nominations from staffers, some predictable and beloved standbys, others more off the beaten path, for their favorite Prague parks.

Průhonice Park – Elizabeth Zahradníček Haas, editor

We start our list of staff favorites a bit outside of Prague! But we think Průhonice Park is an enchanting day trip away and is a favorite green space for our editor and her family who live within walking distance. A central pond, surrounded by rare plant and tree species, and a Neo-Renaissance chateau make this park and botanical garden, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and Czech National Historic Landmark, a must-visit. Not far from this stunning landscape you'll find the Dendrological Garden which is a complete oasis in a sea of car dealerships and strip malls. For those with kids, there's an excellent playground and cafe and regular programs for families amid the lush scenery.

Parukářka – Raymond Johnston, staff writer

Shrine on the top of the hill at Parukářka / photo Raymond Johnston
Shrine on the top of the hill at Parukářka / photo Raymond Johnston

For staff writer Raymond Johnston, the city's parks offer a nice way to seek out serenity in an urban setting. Parukářka in Prague 3’s residential Žiźkov neighborhood is a bit off the radar, so it is never crowded. It offers something for everyone. There is a small pub with benches and often live music. Two modern playgrounds make it family-friendly, and there’s also table tennis for grown-ups. In the fall, the hilltop, with a few wide-open spots, is perfect for flying kites. There are also two designated grilling areas, a dog run, and best of all, a spectacular view with great sunsets – at least if you are a fan of the TV tower. The park also has a few oddities such as a Japanese-style gate and a small stone pillar with a mystical symbol that is supposed to create harmony. An anti-nuclear shelter runs beneath the park, and the air vents dot the fields above.


Petřín – William Nattrass, staff writer

View from the top of Petřín / via IPR Praha
View from the top of Petřín / via IPR Praha

Will sings the praises of Petřín hill, towering over the beautiful Malá Strana district, which features a maze of paths winding through orchards and peaceful woody areas. "I think the park is at its most beautiful in the spring, when the apple and plum trees are in blossom. The park provides access to a number of Prague’s most popular attractions, with Strahov Monastery, the Petřín Tower (“Prague’s Eiffel Tower”), a rosarium, a mirror maze, and the Štefánik Observatory all dotted along the top of the hill." Visitors can hike through the park’s peaceful scenery to visit these attractions, or they can take the popular funicular from Újezd at the bottom of the hill. The southern slopes of Petřín feature the serene Kinský Gardens, while the park is dotted with kids’ play areas and options for cold or warm drinks and food.

Stromovka – Valeriya Chernova, social media manager

Stromovka Park / photo iStock @Karel Stipek
Stromovka Park / photo iStock @Karel Stipek

There’s nothing quite like summer in Stromovka. Not only our social media manager but practically our entire sales staff unanimously voted for this park near Prague’s Holešovice district which beckons with lush grass, rippling duck ponds, and quiet woody areas, making it the perfect place to relax on a warm day. The wide-open spaces also make it perfect for walking dogd. In the summer, the park hosts a wide range of music and arts events near Vystaviště, while outdoor bars, cafes, and lots of space for BBQs make Stromovka a great hub of social activity. There are plenty of play areas for kids, while the park is only a short tram ride away from Prague Zoo and Trojsky Zámek if you want to incorporate a trip to Stromovka into a bigger day trip.

Divoká Šárka – Daniel Zahradníček, production

Photo via iStock / fotoman-kharkov
Divoká Šárka / photo iStock @fotoman-kharkov

Where does a park end and a forest begin? Fifty-six percent of Prague is made up of grass and wooded areas, half is covered by trees. Some of Prague’s most popular forest areas are Kunratický les, Klánovický les, Prokopské údoli and Bohnické údoli. Divoká Šárka, one of Prague’s most popular wooded areas, is a traditional spot for quiet walks amid impressive rocky landscapes which for our production editor Daniel is reminiscent of the craggy scenery from the beloved "Vinnetou TV" series. Prague was recently awarded the title of European Forest City 2021 by the European Forest Institute. Forests are seen as key in promoting wellbeing in urban environments, bringing biodiversity, health, and social benefits for residents.

There really are too many beautiful parks in Prague to describe them all here. Another popular option is Letná, with amazing views of the city, a vibrant social scene, and wide-open spaces touched by history, having been the location for some of the Czech Republic’s largest-ever public protests, including during the Velvet Revolution.

The sheer range of parks in Prague makes it no surprise that the city topped’s list, and it’s safe to say that all of us here at thoroughly agree with this new accolade for the Czech capital. So, which of Prague’s parks is your favorite?

What is your favorite park in Prague?

Bezručovy sady and Sady Bratří Čapků 2 %
Cibulka 4 %
Divoka Šarka 7 %
Folimanka 1 %
Havlíčkovy Sady (Grébovka) 9 %
Kampa 1 %
Ladronka 1 %
Letná 8 %
Obora Hvězda 2 %
Parukářka 3 %
Petřín and Kinského zahrada 8 %
Průhonice 6 %
Riegrovy Sady 7 %
Stromovka 33 %
Other 8 %
337 readers voted on this poll. Voting is open
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