Prague named Europe's best party destination in new nightlife index

The Czech capital was ranked first in a study that took a look at beer costs, bars and nightclubs per capita, city safety, and other factors.

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 10.03.2024 13:44:00 (updated on 12.03.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

While Prague has long sought to change its image as a destination for alco-tourism, the city still draws crowds as a hotspot for nightlife. In a new European Nightlife Index from UK-based online sports betting community OLBG, the Czech capital comes out on top as the continent's best destination for partiers.

The OLBG index takes into account a variety of factors, including the average price of an Airbnb, the cost of domestic beer, the price for a taxi per kilometer, the number of bars, clubs, and casinos per capita, and overall city safety. These factors were then placed into a weighted table and normalized, and fifty of Europe's top cities for nightlife were given a score out of 10.

With a nightlife score of 8.44 out of 10, Prague came out on top as Europe's party capital by a wide margin, boasting not only a vibrant nightlife scene but also still-affordable prices despite recent inflation. Bratislava in neighboring Slovakia came in second on the list, while Krakow, Valencia, and Lisbon rounded out the top five.

Prague came in second in Europe for its number of bars and clubs per capita, with 54.31 nightlife destinations per 100,000 people according to data culled from TripAdvisor. Manchester, England, narrowly edged out Prague with 55.12 bars and clubs per capita, while Edinburgh, Scotland, was a distant third at just over 40 bars and clubs per 100,000 people.

Despite recent regulations that have seen gambling venues across the city close, Prague also came in second with 51.48 casinos per one million people, according to data from the World Casino Directory. Only Bratislava, with a whopping 96.76 casinos per million people, boasted more than Prague.

Prague's safety score, taken from Numbeo's Safety Index based on crime rates, also placed it high among major European cities. Prague came in fifth among the 50 nightlife destinations in the OLBG index in terms of safety, with only Munich in neighboring Germany and Bern, Zurich, and Basel in Switzerland rating higher.

Only rising prices prevented the Czech capital from rating in the top ten across the board. Prague ranked towards the middle of the pack for the cost of an average night in an Airbnb (£107.18, or about CZK 3200) and taxi rates per kilometer (£1.38, or CZK 41). Warsaw topped the list for the cheapest Airbnbs, while Istanbul boasted the most affordable taxi rates.

While inflation has driven up costs in the Czech capital, however, beer prices remain more than affordable. With a domestic beer running £2.13 (CZK 65), only Valencia and Bratislava pour cheaper pints. Still, locals will recall not-so-long-ago times when a beer in Prague cost half as much. Prices in the OLBG study were culled from Numbeo's Cost of Living Index.

Overall, Prague's sheer number of bars and clubs, relative affordability, and overall safety solidify its position as Europe's top party destination. Despite recent inflation and efforts to change its image, the Czech capital still tops the charts among European hotspots for nightlife.

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