Mexican Restaurants in Prague

The Whole Enchilada: takes a look at Mexican in Prague

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Mexican food. When it´s good; it is oh so good. When it´s bad, you tell everyone you know. The quest for a decent Mexican meal in Prague seems to be never-ending for true south of border cuisine lovers. There are a couple that are routinely mentioned when recommendations are given; but for the most part it seems that the perfect burrito, chimichanga, guacamole, margarita or whatever you crave is still elusive. We´ve tried to include restaurants that only serve Mexican, or the majority of their menu is devoted to tacos and the like. Sometimes it´s best to stay in and create your own Mexican masterpiece. We´ve included some ideas on how to do that too. Ole!

A very informal survey has revealed Malá Strana´s Cantina and Vinohrady´s Fosil to be two of the more popular joints in town. Fosil has Mexican ownership and employees, so that should lend itself to the authenticity. Cantina can be pricey, and reservations are strongly recommended as it´s usually packed. Cantina´s atmosphere might be a bit better; Fosil is smaller. Amigos also in Prague 2, has many devoted followers. The menu is huge; they put a pitcher of water on the table and if you order chips and salsa, the salsa has flavor and the chips are warm. Portions are huge (include rice and beans) and prices are good.

Prague 1
Azteca is in a bricked lined, dimly lit space. The menu isn´t the biggest, but the required burritos, chimichangas and fajitas are on offer. La Casa Blu claims to be a Spanish restaurant, but their menu offers quesadillas, burritos, nachos and not a paella in sight. Two bonuses: They are now smoke free and have a Happy Hour drink menu from 11am-6pm. Hacienda Mexicana ( admits to being fusion up front, and that´s a good thing as there aren´t many Mexican specialties; steak lovers should probably swing by.

Buffalo Bill’s is a nice Wild West American saloon serving a round-up of the basics. They have occasional seasonal specials and a more decorative atmosphere than most. Red Hot & Blues (this restaurant has now closed) is the perennial Expat hangout. Live music, lots of tables and decent food keeps it going. El Pueblo is one of those places if you aren´t expecting a lot, you´ll leave satisfied. Place is small and packed at lunch. Prices reflect the off Wenceslas Square location, but the menu is surprisingly long. There´s something to be said for truth in advertising and Czech-Mex ( gets points for its honesty. The restaurant is bright and airy, located on the mezzanine level. The menu is roughly split between Mexican and Czech cuisine and the prices for the Mexican dishes are a bit on the high side.  

Prague 2
Žlutá Pumpa doesn´t serve up the most traditional of Mexican, but portions are decent and prices are good. Keep your expectations in check and you´ll leave perfectly satisfied. When ordering the chips and salsa, decline the cheese sauce and ask for two portions of salsa instead. Banditos (this restaurant has now closed) hangs in there in Expat popularity, a lot like Red, Hot & Blues. Ingredients are fresh, and they offer combo plates for those who can´t decide. Also does big breakfasts of the non-Mexican kind. Radost has a small Mexican section on its menu, including quesadillas and burritos.

Prague 3
Poor Prague 3. Their Mexican entries don´t have the best word of mouth. Lack of authenticity and too much Czech in the Mex seems to be their downfall. Amores Perros has a large menu and lots of cocktails, which are well-priced. A better cheese choice would be appreciated here. Sonorais a bit pricier than Amores Perros, but they also have lots of items to choose from including enchiladas, chimichangas, flautas, fajitas and chalupas.

Prague 4
Pizza West isn´t the most promising name for a Mexican restaurant but they offer a Tex-Mex menu which includes burritos, nachos and chicken wings. And they deliver. You´ll be able to spot Koni Bar a mile away thanks to its orange exterior and cactuses stuck to the outside façade. Inside it´s small and dark with a menu that´s mostly meat with Mexican sounding names. The Mexican specialties include tacos and burritos.

Mexican Restaurants in Prague

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Mexican Restaurants in Prague

Prague 5
Hombre del Mundo is probably one of the least Mexican restaurants in town. A huge location in Anděl may be a draw. The hombre here needs to visit Mexico. Or at least pick-up a Mexican cookbook. 

Prague 6
Portions are a bit small for the price (sides not included) at Cantina dos Pinkos. It makes up for it in atmosphere, decent wait staff and pretty good food. Calvera is a funky cluttered space with a big outside eating area. They are all over their Wild West theme, but the menu is a bit north of Mexico with beef, fish and pasta sections. Their Platos Mexicanos consist of either quesadillas or burritos; they also offer fajitas and chili con carne. 
Fiesta is a cozy café looking place that offers the very traditional tofu in some of its items. Good sized menu, margaritas for 90 CZK, but food tends to be a bit greasy.

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Mexican Restaurants in Prague

Prague 7
7 Tacos is in the Plaza Alta Hotel. It´s new and stylishly designed – no sombreros hanging about here. A nice selection of the basics, plus their steak section offers a bit of Mexicano with each entrée. Maledivy is a sparsely decorated place that offers a bit of Czech and a bit of Mexico. Mexican flavors include quesadillas, burritos and fajitas. 

Prague 9
El Macho. Just saying it makes you want to haul yourself out past Letňany for a meal at El Macho ( Menu looks like it was Czech inspired, but the restaurant has a garden and is draped with lots of Mexican blankets for some authentic interior.  

Prague 10
Carosello is a pizzeria and a Mexican restaurant thank you very much. On the Mexican side they´ve got quite the list of fajitas, flautas, chimichangas and burritos. Nearly everything comes in your choice of beef, chicken, veggie or shrimp. Waikiki is Carosello´s cocktail bar sibling. They have a big outside seating area and nice interior. The Mexican menu is shockingly similar to Carosello´s. Barracuda says they import all their ingredients from Mexico. 

You can create a Mexican fiesta in your home. It´s not the cheapest way to cook, but you can control the flavor and spice levels. If you just want to nosh on you couch, call Las Adelitas. Delivery only of Mexican yummies. Casa Latina ( in Prague 3 offers food and drink from Latin America. Food-wise they can get you tortillas, tacos, spices and salsas. They have an e-shop, but it´s mostly wine, spirits and cigars. Fosil supposedly sells Mexican food supplies as well. Your best bet is the local supermarket. The international sections of both Tesco and Hypernova are usually quite good. Tortilla chips, taco shells and burritos are easily found, and there are usually seasoning packets there as well. Tesco has a shredded Mexican cheese mix that boasts a surprising kick. The world of cheese can be explored at a number of Cheesy shops around town, including Letenské náměstí, Vinohrady and Smíchov. Jalapenos are fairly readily available in neighborhood vegetable shops. 

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Mexican Restaurants in Prague

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