Budget swim tips: Prague pools hike prices amid ongoing heatwave

A number of pools are increasing prices for day passes due to higher operating costs.

Expats.cz Staff

Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 19.07.2023 15:31:00 (updated on 19.07.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Operators of Prague's swimming pools have seen a steady number of visitors this summer, comparable to last year, but say that July's surging temperatures also led to a wave in attendance. Visitors seeking a reprieve from the heat will have to pay a bit more: due to higher costs, pools across Prague are increasing their entrance fees by approximately 20 percent.

Speaking with pool operators across the capital, České noviny reported on summertime pool attendance and pricing trends. Here's how much more you'll pay to cool down at the pool this summer and a handful of tips for taking a dip for less.

Petynka swimming pool in Střešovice reported slightly lower attendance in June compared to the previous year but saw a promising start to July thanks to the high temperatures, which led to higher attendance. Pražačka in Prague 3 said it expected a total attendance of around 45,000 from June to September, above average compared to last year's approximately 40,000 visitors.

Save money poolside

  • Go later. At Petynka, for instance, the entry drops after 4 p.m. from 220 to 150. At Podolí the price dips after 3 p.m. by 80 CZK.
  • Buy a subscription. At Podolí, for instance, you'll get around CZK 400 off if you buy 20 entries. A subscription at the YMCA also gets you better rates.
  • Use your multisport card. Most Prague pools designed for exercise accept multisport cards. Although note that some accept them after hours in the summer.

Spokespeople at Podolí noted that this year's season started earlier than usual, but, despite that, also saw a lower attendance than expected, and the higher operational costs had forced them to adjust entrance fees accordingly. To offset increased expenses, the pool raised its prices by about 17 percent due to higher gas, electricity, and water costs. The full-day admission fee for adults is now CZK 280.

Entrance fees at Petynka were raised by about 20 percent, with adult all-day admission now costing CZK 220. Despite the higher price increases for adult visitors, entrance fees for seniors and children are more affordable. Ládví pool increased its day-long entry fee to CZK 220 from last year's CZK 180.

Pražačka, run by Praha 3, maintained the same prices as last year to attract more visitors and said it will consider raising prices next season.

For a comprehensive guide to Prague's swimming pools, see our 2023 update here. Want to refresh in a lake or outdoor swimming area? This interactive map shows the water quality based on the most recent tests by the Institute of Health Information and Statistics (KHS).

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