Interactive map shows safe natural swimming areas in Czechia

With temps getting tropical this weekend, check out this handy resource for seeing where to make a splash in Prague and beyond. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 02.07.2022 16:28:00 (updated on 05.07.2022) Reading time: 1 minute

Czech meteorologists report that the first half of the year was one of the warmest in the Czech Republic since 1961 when average temperatures were recorded for the first time in the Czech Republic. This was mainly due to the warm winter months and high June temperatures.

Now after a period of heavy rain tropical temps are due to hit tomorrow. Just in time for sticky weather, the Institute of Health Information and Statistics (KHS) of the Czech Republic's website is verifying water quality for natural swimming holes across the country.

The interactive map reflects regularly measured water quality. The information on the map is updated frequently.

"Inspections are carried out by KHS or operators at least once a month…as part of these inspections, water samples are taken by authorized laboratories for analysis, ” the institute says of how the water quality is measured on the website.

So where is it safe to take a dip in Prague and the surrounding areas this summer? To find out where you can refresh without fear, the map ranks each location on a five-point scale, labeling the safest swimming areas as “bathing water,” meaning there is a low risk of swimming in these areas (indicated with a blue smiley).

Other labels are “safe water with a low probability of health problems during water recreation” (though it’s advisable to shower afterward), and “deteriorated water quality” swimming areas which should be avoided by pregnant women, children, people suffering from allergies, and people with a weakened immune system.

The worst rankings are “water unsuitable for bathing” which means the water doesn’t meet hygienic requirements and “water dangerous for bathing” which bans swimmers from entering the body of water entirely.

Natural swimming areas in and around Prague include Hostivař Reservoir (green smiley), Lhotka (blue smiley), Biotop Radotín (blue smiley), and Motol (green smiley).

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