Prague's Vinohrady ranked among world's 'coolest' neighborhoods

In an annual ranking by Time Out magazine, Vinohrady made it into the top 30 of the world's trendiest places to live, improving on its 2021 score.

Thomas Smith

Written by Thomas Smith Published on 18.10.2023 17:13:00 (updated on 18.10.2023) Reading time: 3 minutes

Sophisticated, calm, leafy, trendy, and picturesque. These are some of the words you may associate the Prague district of Vinohrady with, and now a new word can definitively be added to that list: “cool.” According to a new ranking by major lifestyle magazine Time Out, Vinohrady is the 28th coolest neighborhood in the world. 

Time Out calculates the "coolest" neighborhoods worldwide through a multi-step process. It first gathers input from locals and visitors via a mass survey, then creates a shortlist of popular neighborhoods, and lastly consults local experts and city editors “who know their cities better than anyone else.” The final ranking reflects the most vibrant and attractive neighborhoods in each city, appealing to both residents and tourists.

Markets, food, and festivals

Mainly based in Prague 2 – but also with parts in Prague 1, 3, 4, and 10 – this large district, whose name refers to its vineyard-filled past, is home to many expats, eateries, and bars. Prague residents are well aware of náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad and its weekend farmer’s markets, náměstí Míru, and the Riegrovy Sady, Grébovka, and Folimanka parks. 

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People who have passed through Vinohrady in the past will be aware of its cultural offerings, ranging from multicultural cuisines (Georgian, Japanese, Mexican, and Indian, to name a few) to street festivals, such as the annual Americká Street party in September. It is also home to the Vinohrady Wine Festival and its landmarks have been part of the Signal Festival highlights.

Fans of bars and pub culture can explore the well-known Lokál Korunní, Vinohradský Parlament, or Vinohradský Pivovar – or tens of other similar places. 

In Time Out’s 2021 ranking, Vinohrady ranked as the 32nd coolest neighborhood in the world. A year earlier, the arty Holešovice made it to the 20th spot. In 2019 Nové Město in the capital was labeled the 46th coolest neighborhood globally. In 2018 – the first year of the Time Out index – the business district of Karlín made it onto the list as the 38th coolest neighborhood worldwide.

The exact location of Vinohrady in Prague (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
The exact location of Vinohrady in Prague (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)


Cultural activities for all tastes

The district offers various independent cinemas such as Kino Pilotů for art movies and films. Theatergoers can also enjoy the offerings of Divadlo Apollo, which in four years will celebrate its 100th birthday, and also visit Vinohrady Theater.

Vinohrady's most western part is located right next to the National Museum, giving it a close proximity to the city center. Towards the east of Vinohrady is Flora, a bustling area with a large shopping mall and, notably, the country's only IMAX cinema.

Vinohrady is also considered generally safe by Praguers: according to the Czech police’s official interactive map, Vinohrady sees less crime than other parts of the capital that are closer to the center. 

Bordering the grungier and atmospheric Žižkov area, Vinohrady residents can also take in the Žižkov Television Tower as part of the area’s skyline. The southwest of the area is also beside Prague’s Vyšehrad, which adds to its character.

Popular among expats and Czechs

Earlier this year, an poll asking readers where they lived found that Prague 2 was the most popular answer, with Vinohrady being mentioned the most frequently. “Although the apartments are expensive, Vinohrady is a nice, family-friendly neighborhood with a pleasant park [Riegrovy Sady] nearby. Other parts of Prague are easily reachable on foot or by public transport, and the area has several nice cafes and restaurants,” said one reader.

Its popularity and appeal are reflected in its prices. Browsing real estate website Bezrealitky, the average price of the five cheapest (with bills included) two-bedroom apartments in the area is about CZK 27,000 at the time of writing. The price of a 33-square-meter furnished studio in Vinohrady is CZK 23,400 on the site, whereas a studio of the same size in Žižkov is around CZK 18,000.

  • According to a 2021 census, Vinohrady has a population of almost 50,000
  • Fifty-five percent of Vinohrady lies in Prague 2
  • Its area size is 211 hectares
  • It was made an official district of Prague in 1922
  • From 1788, the current Vinohrady in Prague was called Viničné hory and later (until 1960) Královské Vinohrady

    Source: Online Encyclopedia of Prague 2

On a global level, the neighborhood of Laureles in Medellín, Colombia, topped Time Out's 2023 ranking. Smithfield in the Irish capital of Dublin was Europe's coolest neighborhood (and ranked second overall).

With plenty of attractions, cultural offerings and activities to do, Time Out's ranking underlines the fact that Vinohrady remains one of Prague's most popular areas – for expats and locals alike.

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