New Survey Reveals Czech Pub-Going Habits

How much beer does the average Czech consume in one trip to the pub? A sudsy new survey has the answers

Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas

Written by Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas Published on 02.11.2016 12:37:59 (updated on 02.11.2016) Reading time: 1 minute

A recent survey conducted by Budvar has revealed a number of stats about the pub-going habits of the average Czech. The brewery interviewed 1,151 respondents in an attempt to determine the state of traditional pub culture in the country.

Findings in general noted that people tend to go to the pub less – one researcher cited family obligations and a tendency among Czechs to drink at home alone – but individual stats reflect an overarching theme of loyalty toward one’s local. 

Here are some of the survey highlights:

• The average Czech goes to the pub once a week.

• Men say that their main reasons for visiting are their favorite brand of beer, friends, and sports.

• Patrons typically go to the pub for 2-3 hours. Villagers tend to go for a shorter time while those residing in cities go for four hours or more.

• The majority of patrons named as their favorite pub an establishment less than half a kilometer from home. 

• Men drink almost two beers per hour (0.96 liters); women half a beer per hour (0.81 liters).

• In a single visit to the pub the average Czech drinks 3.24 beers with men consuming 3.92 and women throwing back 3.02 brews.

• Czechs typically visit a pub for 2-3 hours; those residing in cities tend to clock in over 4 hours at a pub visit.

• Researchers also reported the Czechs pub-goers are a peaceful lot with less than 7 percent engaging in brawls.

The research held some telling ideas about the function of the pub in Czech society. Fifty-eight percent of respondents use it as a place for networking and learning about jobs.

One researcher noted that many regulars consider the village pub “an essential information medium where you learn everything you need.”

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