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A comparison of schools for children in and outside Prague Staff

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Written by Dominic Swire

One of the more daunting tasks of relocation can be finding a decent school for your kids. Fortunately for those headed to Prague there is a good selection of international schools to choose from. Expats offers this brief run down of some of the major establishments in the area. So sit up straight, pay attention and don´t fall asleep at the back.

Perhaps the first thing to consider when looking at a new school are the fees. Prices range from around €2,000 – €16,500, but don´t forget to do your homework. Amounts often vary depending on the age of the students; and be careful to understand exactly what is and isn´t included. Some pay for board and transport, some don´t.

If possible, try to visit the school, ideally with your child. This is a good way for the both of you to get a gut feeling about the place. Ask to talk to the head teacher and see if you can get shown around by some current students. The way you´re treated can give a good indication of the school´s atmosphere. Some schools even allow you to sit in on lessons. While there, have a look at the notice boards – often a good sign of how active school life is.

You will also want to know whether they follow a British, American or Czech curriculum and what universities these qualifications will allow students to enter. If any kids don´t make the grade, are retakes possible and how much does this cost? Statistics of how many students do go on to university should be available.

It is also a good idea to ask how the school communicates with parents – how many reports are sent each year and is there an active PTA (Parent-Teachers´ Association)?

Bearing in mind that higher education is free in this country for Czech speaking students, it may also be wise to know if your students will learn the language during their studies.


name BritishInternationalSchool, Prague
address K Lesu 2/558, 142 00 Praha 4
phone +420 226 096 200
age range 1 – 19
total number of students 260 boys 240 girls
maximum class size 20
bording no
qualifications National Curriculum for England and Wales IGCSE
minimum / maximum fees 2,700 / 14,500

Founded in 1992, the school offers a British education for children from 18 months to 19yrs old. All instruction is in English with extra support for children whose first language is not English. Students who are fluent in English also study French, German and Czech. Students up to year 9 (14yrs) study the English National Curriculum; students in years 10 – 11 study for the IGCSE, followed by the IB in years 12 – 13.

name ChristianInternationalSchool of Prague
address    Perunova 6, 130 00 Prague 3
phone +420 602 344 220
age range Elementary and Secondary students
total number of students Not stated
maximum class size Not stated
bording Not stated
qualifications American curriculum
minimum / maximum fees CZK 90,000 / 200,000

The Christian International School of Prague was established in 2004 and is open to children from grades 1 – 12, offering a distinctly Christian approach to teaching. The school exists to serve the Christian English-speaking community in Prague, although it is open to children of all faiths and nationalities so long as parents respect the goals of the school.

name EnglishInternationalSchool, Prague
address Brunelova 12, 142 00 Prague 4
phone +420 272 181 911/955
age range 2 – 18
total number of students 400
maximum class size 22
bording No
qualifications English National Curriculum and International Baccalaureate
minimum / maximum fees CZK 68,670 to CZK 450,055

Co-education day school established in 1995 by Nord Anglia Education Ltd. Offers the English National Curriculum adapted for the international environment. All children learn some Czech and a second foreign language from year 3. All lessons are in English; however there are a limited number of places on their EAL programme for children who don´t speak English. Most of the teaching staff have graduated from British universities.

name International Montessori School of Prague
address Hrudickova 2107, Prague 4
phone +420 272 937 758
age range 18 mos. to 12 years
total number of students 80
maximum class size 25 for Elementary and Preschool, 10 for Toddlers
boarding No
qualifications American Montessori Accreditation, Curriculum: American preschool and elementary subjects presented in Montessori approach
minimum / maximum fees Not stated

The International Montessori School of Prague, established in 2002 and located in Prague 4, uses the alternative Montessori Method of education. According to their website, the school is “the first and only American Montessori Society accredited school in Europe.”

name InternationalSchool, Prague
address Nebusicka 700, 164 00 Prague 6
phone +420 2 2038 4111
age range 3 – 19
total number of students 350 boys, 350 girls
maximum class size 20
bording No
qualifications International curriculum supporting PSAT, US SATs, AP – Advanced Placement, IB – International Baccalaureate, ERB – Educational Records Bureau
minimum / maximum fees $10,425 / $20,075

Founded in 1948, the International School of Prague is a non-profit, non-sectarian institution teaching students from over 60 countries a curriculum based on Anglo / American education principles. Instruction in the Czech language is offered as well as German, French and Spanish.

name RiversideSchool
address Roztocka 9 , Sedlec, 160 00 Prague 6
phone +420 224 315 336
age range 3 – 18
total number of students 136 boys 144 girls
maximum class size 18
bording No
qualifications National Curriculum for England and Wales, American curriculumIGCSE – International GCSE, ‘AS/A’ Level, AP – Advanced Placement
minimum / maximum fees £2,982 / £6,597

Opening in 1994, Riverside School is an independent non-profit day school based on a Christian Foundation and biblical values. An internationally influenced English National Curriculum is taught by teachers mainly from the UK and US. Scholarships are available to students whose families can demonstrate special need.

name The EnglishCollege in Prague
address 320 Sokolovska, 190 00 Prague 9
phone +420 2 8389 3113
age range 13 – 19
total number of students 135 boys 185 girls
maximum class size 25
bording No
qualifications Host country curriculum/exams, National Curriculum for England and WalesIGCSE – International GCSE, IB – International Baccalaureate, Czech Maturita
minimum / maximum fees CZK 60,540 / CZK 296,640

The English College in Prague was founded in 1994 and provides an education in English to students, 80% of which are Czech, the rest coming from 25 different nationalities. The staff are drawn from English-speaking countries worldwide as well as the Czech Republic.


name The InternationalSchool of Olomoc
address Rooseveltova 101, Olomouc 77 900
phone +420 585 754880
age range 4 – 14
total number of students 12 boys 11 girls
maximum class size 14
boarding No
qualifications National Curriculum for England and Wales, American curriculum
minimum / maximum fees $10,000

The International School in Olomouc was founded in 2001 and is a sister school of the International School of Prague. All lessons (apart from Czech) are taught in English. The principle and senior English teacher are native English speakers, the other teachers are Czech but all are fluent in English.

name DiamondForrestIndependentSchool
address Recreacni Stredisko, Jestrebi 789 01
phone +44 845 601 9387
age range (figures not available)
total number of students (figures not available)
maximum class size (figures not available)
boarding Yes
qualifications A Level / GCSE
minimum / maximum fees £11,416

The Diamond Forest School is a coeducational sixth form boarding school, set in over 12 acres of forest land and offering A Level and GCSE tuition away from the distractions of everyday life. All flights and transfers are arranged by the school.


General Certificate of Secondary Education. Taken by students from 14 – 16 years old in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Taken by students from 14 – 16 years old. Allows teaching to be localised and takes into consideration English may not be the first language of all candidates.

A Level
Advanced Level General Certificate of Education. Non-compulsory qualification usually taken by students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland for two years following GCSEs and prior to university.

International Baccalaureate. Group of three qualifications for primary (3 – 12yrs), middle (11 – 16yrs) and diploma (16 – 19yrs) students. Curriculum is modelled on various educational systems around the world and internationally recognised.

A multiple-choice standardised test used to determine eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Standardised test frequently used during the admission process of many colleges and universities in the USA.

Advanced Placement. A United States and Canada-based programme offering high school students the opportunity of receiving university credit for school work.

Educational Records Bureau. Non-profit educational assessment service for schools. Based in New York City.

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