Prague artisans celebrate modern love with silver and gold wedding flowers

GIYOU helps couples create new traditions and magical atmospheres for their big days

Julie O'Shea

Written by Julie O'Shea Published on 28.05.2024 17:00:00 (updated on 28.05.2024) Reading time: 4 minutes

Your wedding day is coming up. You are looking to create new traditions and a magical atmosphere that shows off the bride and groom’s unique personalities. culture and values.   

Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by wildflowers – some real and some delicately crafted from silver and gold. Your bridal bouquet can also be a mix of nature’s beauty and artistic elegance. And when it’s time to say your vows, instead of rings, you decide to exchange wedding flowers, imbued in silver or gold, with your betrothed.

GIYOU, a family business specializing in the design and creation of fine metal “jewelry flowers,” can help you find a unique way to express and celebrate your love. 

“Our culture is changing, and relationships are changing. People are looking for alternatives when it comes to their wedding day. They don’t care so much about traditions. They want to be more personal and want a meaningful experience,” says Radek Bláha, who started GIYOU alongside his wife, Milada Bláhová, in 2022. 

The company recently launched an exclusive line of silver and golden flowers for wedding bouquets, wedding flowers, decorations, and engagements. The company previously offered just flowers for wedding gifts as well as gifts for brides. Newlyweds can now also enjoy flowers for the wedding ceremony itself.  

“For us, flowers represent beauty and attraction. They are about love and joy. They don’t speak any words. They don’t have any expectations. I think they are a symbol of real love more than anything as well as joy and freedom,” says Radek.   

As engagement and wedding traditions continue to evolve, so does their symbolism. More and more people are choosing to ditch traditional wedding rings, looking instead for alternatives that are more in line with their love stories, like bespoke flower arrangements, expertly handcrafted from silver and gold.  

GIYOU’s wedding flowers symbolize joy, happiness, intimacy – and new beginnings – adding a fresh, exciting look to 21st-century wedding celebrations. The bouquets are individually fashioned using a special handmade jewelry-making technique to make sure each flower is a lovely work of art.   

I like symbols. I realize how rings are popular with people and wear my wedding ring often. However, if I were to look for some symbols and values for my relationship and wedding, I would choose these symbols instead of a wedding ring,” says Radek. “In the past, rings were more a symbol of ownership, and long ago, weddings were more of an economic agreement between families.” 

Modern couples, by comparison, are searching for something more special and unique to tie their special day together. Jewelry flowers from GIYOU offer an attractive alternative to rings and liven up bridal bouquets and wedding venues, symbolizing not only love and nature, but also fine grace, stability, and joyful effortlessness.   

You could mix GIYOU jewelry flowers with traditional engagement and wedding symbols. You can decide if you’d like to use flowers for an engagement proposal, wedding bouquet for the bride, wedding decoration or wedding flowers instead of wedding rings. 

Some couples choose a single flower or a symbolic pairing – a dainty gold cornflower, perhaps, or two wild silver lavender stalks – while others prefer a large bouquet, like a bundle of snowdrops made from white, yellow and pink gold, for a deeply personal and exclusive wedding. The choice is up to you.

Once your big day is over, you can arrange your beautiful bouquet of jeweled flowers in a vase to brighten your home, serving as a memento that can be passed down from one generation to the next. 

“We started the business with two people – me and my wife – and we were really not sure which category we fell into,” says Radek. “We didn’t know about the history of this field. We didn’t know what would happen, what people would feel, how they would react. But we had a very strong vision of what we wanted to create, say and give to people.”

They never lost faith in their idea, and within months of launching GIYOU, they found themselves selling their unique jewelry flower bouquets all over the world. The flowering success of their little business venture caught both Radek and Milada by surprise.

“We started something. We believe in it. We are so grateful for it. I think people understand what we are saying through our flowers and like the flowers and our story as well,” says Radek.

The inspiration for GIYOU bloomed from the quiet beauty of the couple’s garden in Saky, a small historic village about 30 minutes by car north of Prague. Radek was the one who initially suggested that they make flowers for people. Milada, who worked as a jeweler, had been skeptical at first, convinced such flowers could not be produced. 

But Radek persevered. Eventually, design plans emerged, and over the course of three years, Milada developed prototypes of botanical jewelry – first in silver and then gold – delicate enough to resemble real flowers but sturdy enough to be handled and displayed.

In addition to its wedding line, GIYOU sells flowers of silver or gold in vases, elaborate floral arrangements and custom arrangements for gifts and home decorations. The company also offers a selection of porcelain, hand-blown glass and rare vases for the placement of the flowers.

Individual flowers and bouquets can be purchased in the GIYOU GARDEN shop in downtown Prague. You can also visit the showroom in Saky where you can meet the people behind the brand and learn more about the flowers or discuss your needs. They can also be shipped to most countries through their e-shop. 

Individual flowers for weddings or engagements can be ready within a day or two. Wedding bouquets accompanied with dried or live flowers are generally ready within seven days, while bespoke arrangements, involving unique flower requests or larger flowers, can take two to three months to prepare.

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