Fun things to do in Prague, August 20–23: Circus spectacular, riverside wine, and open-air fun

Prague's highly anticipated circus festival returns plus a fantastic line up of international food and open-air concerts Staff

Written by Staff Published on 20.08.2020 13:01:09 (updated on 20.08.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes


IMucha exhibition on August 21st / photo via Facebook

  • Ongoing (thru Sept 7th): Trip around the world with artists from Galerie La Femme (link)
  • Newly opened (Aug 18): Lenka Černota: Vlčina (The Wolf) at Bold Gallery (link)
  • Newly opened (Aug 18): Prvok — the first house in the Czech Republic from a 3D printer (read our article here)
  • Newly opened (Aug 19): Jindřich Štreit: From darkness to light (link)
  • Aug 21: IMucha Original posters in motion (read our article here)
  • Aug 22: Open day at Hrzánský Palace (read our article here)


Cirk La Putyka / photo via Facebook

  • Aug 21: Dinosaurs party at studio Žofka (link)
  • Aug 21: Mexican cooking workshop for children at La lotería (link)
  • Aug 22: Kofola Family day at Výstaviště Holešovice (link)
  • Aug 22-23: Young Film Festival (link)
  • Aug 22: Cirk La Putyka workshops at Výstavišti (link)
  • Aug 25: Learn About Buildings with Two Hour School (link)


Palm Springs at Přítomnost Boutique Cinema on July 21/photo via Goout

  • Aug 21: Palm Springs at Přítomnost Boutique Cinema (link)
  • Aug 21: Premiere of Šarlatán at Kině Pilotů with English subtitles (link)
  • Aug 22: La Belle Epoque at (link)
  • Aug 22: The Hangover at Žluté lázně (link)
  • Aug 22: Kofokino na Výstavišti (link)
  • Aug 23: Mad Max: Fury Road at Žižkov Beer Garden (link)


Rumfest at Žluté lázně on August 22nd/ photo via Goout

  • Aug 20: Tutto Italiano at park Portheimka Prague 5 (link)
  • Aug 20: Aperol Spritz party at Lucerna rooftop (link )
  • Aug 21: Bulgarian flavors: baking Banica (link)
  • Aug 22: Balkan food festival (link)
  • Aug 22: Rumfest at Žluté lázně (link)
  • Aug 22: Winemakers on the embankment (link)
  • Aug 23: Vegan Picnic for English speakers at Café Na půl cesty (link)
  • Aug 23: Sunday Bubbles & Chill Brunch (link)
  • Aug 23: Korean BBQ at Ko8ka (link)

Markets and Swaps

Vintage Kilo Sale/ photo via Facebook

  • Aug 21: Garage sale at Z pokoje do pokoje (link)
  • Aug 22: 1981 Vintage Kilo Sale at Radost Rooftop ( link)
  • Aug 22-23: Weekends flea market at Prostor39 (link)


Esferas Quartet/ photo via Facebook

  • Aug 21: Concert of the Esferas Quartet at Kasarna Karlin (link)
  • Aug 21: Premiere of Bon Appétit! on the New stage of National Theater (link)
  • Aug 22: Jazz on the roof Adam Tvrdý Trio (link)
  • Aug 22: Kunratice Live (link)
  • Aug 22: Backsplash concert series at Občanská plovárna (link)


Mácháč Forever 2019/ photo via Facebook

  • Aug 19-25: Summer Letna – International festival of contemporary circus and theater (link)
  • Aug 20: Multi-Genre Festival of Fire & Circus & Music (link)
  • Aug 21-22: COAL Festival (link)
  • Aug 21-22: Mácháč Forever (link)
  • Aug 21-23 : Prague’s Drum&bass Festival (link)
  • Aug 22: Malešičák Fest 2020 (link)

Parties and Djs

Nora En Pure at Roxy on July 21nd/ photo via Goout

  • Aug 20 : Brazilian summer party (link)
  • Aug 21: Screenshot Goes Outdoor with Dj Oozlum (link)
  • Aug 21: Nora En Pure at Roxy  (link)
  • Aug 22: Katarze at Brevnov Monastery (link)
  • Aug 23: Summer Swing and Swim at Biotop Radotin (link)

Coming up:

  • Aug 28-29: Prosecco & Food Festival (link)
  • Aug 30: Vegan Burger Fest (link)
  • Aug 30: Prague Ice Cream Festival (link)

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