From Gloom to Bloom: Prague designers find beauty in chaos

Illustrators Marek Ehrenberger and Andrea Falduda have launched a new collection that embraces periods of darkness and introspection. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 14.01.2023 12:19:00 (updated on 14.01.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Winter in the Czech Republic is typically a time of gray skies and chilly temperatures, but Gloom Bloom, a new creative project from two Prague-based designers, celebrates finding beauty through less-than-ideal circumstances.

The new project is a collaboration between Czech designer Marek Ehrenberger and Mexican illustrator Andrea Falduda, who are both based in Prague but first met at last year's OFFF creative conference in Barcelona. Gloom Bloom was introduced at Prague's Lobster Space gallery last month, and products from the collection are now available for purchase online.

“At the end of the summer, the gloominess associated with the change of seasons hit us. And instead of suppressing this uncomfortable feeling, we decided to embrace it,” Falduda says about the project's conception.

Gloom Bloom bags. Photo: Gloom Bloom
Gloom Bloom bags. Photo: Gloom Bloom

"We started to respond to the autumn doldrums with sketches of exotic flowers in bold colours. It took a while to find a system in passing on ideas between each other. Eventually, however, a collection of three coherent illustrations emerged, which we named Gloom Bloom.”

In addition to contrasting gloomy motifs with vibrant, colorful vibes, the designers themselves had to find a way to integrate their very different styles.

“At first, we had a lot of fun imagining what our collaboration would look like. We're both headstrong Capricorns and our illustration styles are quite different,” says Ehrenberger, whose playful illustrations can be seen decorating Prague bistros such as Můj šálek kávy, Fuel, and Sensa.

Gloom Bloom t-shirts. Photo: Gloom Bloom
Gloom Bloom t-shirts. Photo: Gloom Bloom

“But the initial banter quickly turned into serious thoughts about how to try out the collaboration.” 

Both artists also take the collaboration as a way to expand their horizons and reach new communities. The Gloom Bloom launch has been presented in English in order to make it accessible it to as many people as possible.

“Most art events in Prague are spread among former classmates or their friends, and the program is presented in Czech," says Falduda. "That’s also why Marek and I agreed to communicate primarily in English, so that it would be accessible to everyone without distinction.”

Gloom Bloom art prints at Lobster Space. Photo: Gloom Bloom
Gloom Bloom art prints at Lobster Space. Photo: Gloom Bloom

Gloom Bloom debuted last month at the trendy Lobster Space gallery in Prague's burgeoning Holešovice district. Now, products from the collection including t-shirts, bags, baseball caps, and art prints can be purchased from the Gloom Bloom website.

“Gloom bloom is about finding beauty in chaos, embracing periods of darkness, and using them as an opportunity for introspection and for contemplating the balance that obscurity brings,” adds Falduda.

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