Eurostat: Czech Republic Leads EU In Number of Job Vacancies

The Czech Republic lead the Eurozone in job-vacancy rates for the second quarter of 2018

Katrina Modrá

Written by Katrina Modrá Published on 26.09.2018 08:48:09 (updated on 26.09.2018) Reading time: 1 minute

Eurostat has issued its statistics on job-vacancy rates across Europe for the second quarter of 2018.

The Czech Republic leads the Eurozone with job-vacancy rates registering at 5.4%.

Belgium (3.5%), the Netherlands (3.1%) and Germany (2.9%) were top performers, while the lowest rates were seen in Greece (0.7%), Bulgaria, Spain, and Portugal (0.9% each).

Compared with the same quarter of the previous year, the job vacancy rate in the second quarter of 2018 rose in 20 member states; the Czech Republic also saw one of the largest increases in job vacancies (+1.8%).

A historically low unemployment rate in the Czech Republic and high number of vacancies on the local job market have been continuing trends in 2018, and economists see no end in sight.

In August, the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic remained at 3.1%, still the lowest number in the European Union and only a slight uptick from the country’s record low of 2.7%, recorded in June.

The largest number of available jobs was recorded in the Prague region, with some 63,000 open positions officially on the market.

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