Czechia could see up to 80 percent of its military aid to Ukraine repaid from EU funds

The Czech Republic has sent unspecified arms and equipment valued at about CZK 4 billion to Ukraine since the Russian invasion.


Written by ČTK Published on 14.09.2022 08:39:00 (updated on 14.09.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

Prague, Sept 13 (ČTK) - The Czech Republic may receive up to 80 percent of its military help to Ukraine paid from EU funds, Defence Minister Jana Černochová told journalists today.

So far, the Czech Republic has sent unspecified arms and equipment valued at about CZK 4 billion to Ukraine. The Defence Ministry declined to elaborate further, citing security reasons.

Unofficial sources say helicopters, tanks, howitzers, and missile launchers delivered by the Czech Republic were used in Ukraine in the past months.

Černochová said the monetary value of the support given to Ukraine was around CZK 4 billion and the Czech Republic might get most of it back from EU funds.

"We have an about 80-percent success of acknowledgment," she added.

The EU could start paying out the funds in the months to come, Černochová said.

"We want to continue with the help. The way the front is developing now is evidence that the Czech Republic's position of sending military material to Ukraine was correct," she added.

Černochová said the Czech Republic was also providing humanitarian aid.

"In the past weeks, several Ukrainian soldiers from the frontline were treated here. After they recovered, they were sent back to their homeland," she added.

Černochová said that thanks to the Czech Republic being one of the first countries to have sent arms to Ukraine, Czech arms makers have now had the chance to develop close cooperation with Ukraine.

She stressed that because of the country's support for Ukraine, the Czech Republic qualifies for monies from several funds.

At the summer donorship conference in Copenhagen, the participating countries agreed on setting aside the equivalent of about CZK 36.5 billion for this purpose.

The money will also be spent on increasing the manufacturing capacities of military materials to the benefit of Ukraine.

At the conference, the Czech Republic unveiled about 50 industrial projects the Czech defense industry will be able to materialize, often in cooperation with Ukrainians, in the months and years to come.

Last week, the U.S. said it was about to provide Ukraine and another 18 countries USD 2 billion in the form of loans and subsidies for the purchase of U.S. arms.

The news agency AP said the Czech Republic was among the cited countries. Černochová said the conditions of the fund are not yet known.

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