EU Blue Cards: New law could make it easier to stay in Czechia

The government has approved a draft amendment that would make getting a work and residence permit for non-EU nationals less challenging.

Thomas Smith ČTK

Written by Thomas SmithČTK Published on 09.02.2023 11:15:00 (updated on 09.02.2023) Reading time: 1 minute

Holders of so-called EU Blue Cards – a work and residence permit for third-country nationals in an EU country – that wish to reside in Czechia could be in for some good news.

Interior Minister Vít Rakušan said Wednesday that a governmental draft amendment to Czechia’s asylum law aims to provide easier conditions for EU Blue Card holders to stay in the country and find work. It was approved yesterday.

According to Rakušan, Czechia’s current legislation requires change due to an EU directive from October 2021. Among other things, it mandates the issuance of residence permits for Blue Card holders’ family members after staying in the country for one year.

If passed, the new law will “simplify the employment of highly qualified foreigners and the access of minors with long-term residence to the health insurance system,” ČTK writes.


A Blue Card is an EU-wide work permit for “highly skilled workers” that are not from EU countries. The completion of a university education (at least three years) is deemed evidence of “a high level of skills.” Alternatively, five years of work experience in a relevant field is also acceptable.

The current rules

To get a blue card in Czechia at present, an applicant must earn at least 1.5 times the average annual monthly gross wage. This may be reduced. Furthermore, the current system states that an applicant must have a work contract lasting a minimum of one year to apply for a Blue Card.

Holders of a Blue Card may travel to other EU countries for holiday reasons, staying for a maximum of three months per year. Following the start of the Russian-Ukraine war, there are over half a million third-country nationals currently present in Czechia, many of whom have – or may soon need – Blue Cards.

More, detailed information on the current system of Blue Cards in Czechia can be found on the English-language web page of the government's Labor Office. 

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