A Czech university with its own brewery brings unique campus life to the 'burbs

From its own brewing classes to an affordable price point, Czech University of Life Science's rich campus life is a draw for international students.

Marcus Bradshaw

Written by Marcus Bradshaw Published on 24.08.2021 12:38:00 (updated on 25.08.2021) Reading time: 3 minutes

For international students in Prague, especially those who hail from the US and the UK  (where university campuses are the norm), the disparate and scattered nature of many Czech universities proves daunting. It’s not unusual to find university buildings spread out widely across the city, with students forced to take public transport between individual classes. These disparate set-up makes it difficult to meet fellow students from different disciplines, and the lack of a campus hampers the creation of college spirit. 

However, the Czech University of Life Sciences (CZU) bucks this trend. Situated in a leafy suburb on the banks of the river Vltava, north of the city center, the Czech University of Life Sciences is unique in Prague as it offers students a comprehensive campus experience. Just 20 minutes from central Prague, CZU offers Czech and international students a rich campus life – with teaching facilities, library, dormitories, sports, and recreation all on-site.

In addition to a swimming pool and gym, students can also enjoy time at the campus brewery, which produces its own Suchdolský Jeník beer. Inspired by a centuries old monastic brewing tradition, the university brewery was established by a professor in 2006. As well as producing delicious beer, it is used as a teaching tool, where students can learn the skills of brewing, and apply classroom-based knowledge to real-life situations.

The CZU offers three highly sought-after English-language programs, including a three-year Bachelor’s in Business Administration, a two-year Master’s in Business Administration, and a two-year Masters in Economics and Management. 

“We believe that our affordable tuition fees are very attractive,” says Jan Hučko (Head of the International Relations Office at FEM CZU), “especially when compared to the fees of private universities in Prague.”

Although firmly planted in Prague’s leafy Suchdol neighbourhood, the CZU has a strong international aspect. The academic faculty include many international staff, hailing from other EU countries, the US, Canada, Taiwan and Malaysia. The student body consists of Czechs and international students alike, and for those students who are interested in spending time studying abroad, there are several short time and long term mobilities on offer, including the Erasmus Plus programme. 

In recognition of its commitment to innovation and sustainability, the CZU was awarded the Czech National Award for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2020. CZU’s sustainable ethos is evidenced in the highly successful Uniqway project, where CZU students oversee the daily operation of the popular car-sharing service. Additionally, in April 2020, a group of CZU students responded to the coronavirus crisis by creating a facemask with a replaceable filter that could be printed on a 3D printer. The print files were made accessible to the general public, in a bid to help fight the spread of the infection.

The university’s Suchdol campus was founded in 1966. It was purpose-built to house the Faculty of Forestry, as it was then known, and half a century later, the campus is well-established with lots of leafy greenery. “The huge advantage of CZU is that everything is one the one place – classes, dormitories, good places to eat, fantastic sports facilities, space to relax, good beer and our own wine – all on our beautiful green campus,” says Jan Hučko.

Enrollment is open to students who hold a Czech Maturity certificate. For students who studied abroad, they may complete a Nostrification and Internal Evaluation process, including an online entrance examination. To read more about instructors and programs get in touch with the International Relations Office.

This article was written in cooperation with the Czech University of Life Sciences. Read more about our partner content policies here.

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