Czechia scores high as one of the safest countries for digital nomads

A new ranking looks at health and safety factors of countries that now offer visas for remote workers, but not cost of living. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 14.09.2022 13:25:00 (updated on 28.03.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

Czechia ranked as the fourth safest country for digital nomads, according to a new survey, though it didn’t make it into the list of top countries overall.

The survey by developer platform compared various country rankings for health and safety to a list of countries that allow digital nomads.

In assessing countries, the ranking does not look at the cost of living or other economic factors. While the cost of living has been going up in Czechia, the country is still relatively affordable, especially if you can get a western-type salary. The country, and Prague in particular, are ranked as attractive places to live.

According to nearly 40 states issue special visas for digital nomads and 10 more are considering it. “When choosing a destination for quiet and comfortable work abroad, many IT specialists consider traditional criteria such as cost of living, visa requirements, and the quality of the internet. Still, the past years have shown what truly matters: safety and health,” said.

Czechia so far does not have a specific digital nomad visa but does offer residence to people from outside the EU who acquire a business license. The process of getting one is not as simple as in some other countries that have been trying to attract digital nomads. People with EU citizenship have it much easier in terms of relocation.

Of all the ranked countries, the best place to consider right now for being a digital nomad in terms of health and safety is Australia. Second and third place went to Germany and Hungary, and fourth went down under again to New Zealand. The top six were completed by Norway and Portugal.

The safest countries for digital nomads are Iceland and New Zealand. This was the only area where Czechia scored, coming in fourth. The data was taken from the Global Peace Index, where Czechia ranked eighth overall but some of the higher countries in the fill list aren’t welcoming to digital nomads yet.

Czechia didn’t make it onto the list of healthiest countries for digital nomads. Australia and Germany came in top, based on data from the Global Health Security Index.

Out of all the countries on that list, including ones that don’t offer digital nomad visas, Czechia was 39th. Hungary was 10th for digital nomads and at 34th overall, and the following three countries don’t offer visas for nomads, so Czechia likely was 11th for health.

Notable absent from the ranking is the U.S., which topped the overall health ranking. It does not currently offer any type of digital nomad visa.

Conditions for visas change constantly, and before packing your bags you should double-check the current situation and make sure you meet all the qualifications before making a big commitment.  

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