Czech Republic ranked world's second-best country for expats to work in

The Czech Republic was called ‘a superstar for working abroad’ in a recent survey on expat life

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 26.02.2020 09:08:00 (updated on 11.03.2021) Reading time: 2 minutes

The Czech Republic scored high as a country for expats to work in, coming in second and beaten only by Vietnam in the Expat Insider guide by networking group Internations.

The ranking compared factors related to career prospects and satisfaction, work and leisure, and economy and job security.

Vietnam, the Czech Republic and Luxembourg were named the top three countries for working abroad in the 2019 ranking, bumping Bahrain and Taiwan out of the top spots. The Czech Republic had been ranked third in the 2018 list and was in the top spot in the ranking before that.

The report called the Czech Republic “a consistent superstar for working abroad in recent years.” It raked in the top five for all three subcategories of the Working Abroad Index — second in career prospects and satisfaction, fifth in work and leisure, and third in economy and job security

Job opportunities were seen favorably with 68% are generally happy with their career prospects, compared with 55% globally. Expats also felt the economy was in excellent shape, with 84% rating it positively compared with a global average of 63%. In the work and leisure subcategory, 76% rated their working hours favorably.

Neighboring Poland was one of the countries to show the most improvement, beaten only by Kazakhstan and Qatar. “The third-biggest winner in 2019 is Poland, advancing 15 spots to rank 11th in the index and thus only narrowly missing the top 10. Career prospects have improved most dramatically, as Poland jumps from 32nd place to 9th for this factor,” the reports stated.

“In 2019, 63% of expats rate their career prospects positively, compared to only 54% in 2018. While job security in Poland received a similar share of positive ratings in 2018 and 2019, 67% and 68% respectively, the share of those who are completely satisfied is substantially higher in 2019: over a quarter of expats in Poland (26%) couldn’t be any happier, compared with only 15% in 2018,” the reports added.

The biggest loser in Europe was Denmark, which has often been in or close to the top 10 for working abroad. It unexpectedly dropped from sixth to 21st in 2019. Expats view of job security dropped sharply, causing the decline. “Denmark still retains first place for working hours, as it has done since 2017. In 2019, 81% are satisfied with their working hours (vs. 62% globally). Nearly two in five (39%) are even completely satisfied (vs. 24% globally),” the report stated.

The Czech Republic was also ranked 10th in overall quality of life in Internations’ Expat Insider guide for top expat destinations. This index took into account more factors including ease of settling in, medical care, the environment, cost of living, and work-life balance.

In a separate Internations ranking of best and worst cities to live and work in abroad, Prague came in 13th place. Taipei was ranked first, followed by Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh City. Prague was ranked second for urban work life, though. This survey took into account quality of urban living, getting settled, urban work life, finance and housing, and local cost of living.

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