Czech Republic to provide 850,000 doses of flu vaccine by October

The EU recommends the vaccination rate reach 75 percent of the population, but the rate is far lower in the Czech Republic


Written by ČTK Published on 21.08.2020 12:11:32 (updated on 21.08.2020) Reading time: 1 minute

Prague, Aug 21 (CTK) – Doctors in the Czech Republic will have 850,000 doses of vaccine against flu at their disposal by mid-October at the latest, which is one-third more than last year but 50,000 doses fewer than what the cabinet’s health research commissioner Roman Prymula heralded in June, health insurers told CTK today.

The Health Insurers’ Association said it has signed the relevant contracts with the Sanofi and Mylan suppliers.

The more efficient tetra vaccine against four flu stems will be supplied, the association wrote in a press release.

People’s interest in the vaccination is expected to be high this year in connection with their apprehensions of the flu in connection with the coronavirus epidemic.

According to the health insurers, the expected supplies will meet the need to vaccinate the groups of people with chronic diseases or other risk factors as well as other applicants.

People from the vulnerable groups and seniors over 65 have the vaccination for free.

Experts recommend that people have themselves vaccinated one to two months before the expected outbreak of flu, which is October, around the 40th week of the year.

In end-June, Prymula said producers had promised to supply 900,000 doses of vaccine to Czechia.

The EU recommends the vaccination rate to reach 75 percent of the population, but the rate is far lower in Czechia.

About 1,500 people die of flu every year in the country with a population of 10.6 million, according to statistics.

Experts warn that both flu and coronavirus patients with a severe course of the disease need the same hospital beds with oxygen support and medical ventilators, as a result of which the country may face their shortage if the seasonal flu and the second wave of coronavirus peaked simultaneously.

In addition, those with flu will be weakened and possible coronavirus infection may pose a bigger risk for them.

A vaccine against the novel coronavirus is still being developed.

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