Czech employment rate remains high, despite COVID-19 pandemic

The number of hours worked per week on average increased compared to previous years

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 02.09.2020 12:07:41 (updated on 02.09.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes

The July 2020 employment rate in the Czech Republic has changed little compared to both last year and the previous month.

The employment rate for people aged 15–64 years, seasonally adjusted, reached 74.2% in July 2020 and decreased by 1.0 percentage points compared to July 2019, according to figures from the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ). Compared to June 2020, the employment rate was unchanged.

The male employment rate was 81.2% while for women the employment rate was 67.0%, both seasonally adjusted. The employment rate for people aged 15–29 years, seasonally adjusted, was 45.3%, in the age group 30–49 years it was 87.5%, and in the age group 50–64 years it was 76.3%.

The general unemployment rate for people aged 15–64 years, seasonally adjusted, reached 2.7% in July 2020 and increased by 0.7 percentage points year-on-year. Compared to the previous month, unemployment rose 0.1 percentage points. The male unemployment rate in July, seasonally adjusted, attained 2.4% and for women the unemployment rate reached 3.2%.

“The total unemployment in July remained almost unchanged compared to June. The numbers of hours worked by employees were even markedly higher than the average of these holiday months during recent years. It can be accounted to the eccentricity of this year as a result of the pandemic situation,” Dalibor Holý, director of the Labor Market and Equal Opportunities Statistics Department of the Czech Statistical Office, noted.

In actual numbers, there were 5,092,800 employed people, with 2,846,000 men and 2,246,800 women. The unemployed accounted for 142,300 people, with 60,100 men and 73,200 women.

The economic activity rate of the aged 15–64 years, seasonally adjusted, reached 76.3% and declined by 0.5 percentage points compared to that in July 2019. Following the seasonal adjustment, the male economic activity rate (83.2%) exceeded the female economic activity rate by 14.0 percentage points.

The average number of weekly hours worked in July was 32.2, compared to 30.9 for the same time last year. Self-employed people in July 2020 worked 36.8 hours, while employees worked 31.3 hours. Figures for July 2019 were similar, with the self-employed working 36.1 hours and employees working 29.8 hours.

Eurostat, in its press release, publishes the monthly unemployment rate, identical in terms of the methodology applied, but for the age group 15–74 years. In the Czech Republic, the general unemployment rate for people aged 15–74 years in July 2020 was also 2.7%, while the data are based on the Labor Force Sample Survey results for the corresponding month.

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