Beer Stop in Letná or Holešovice

Fancy a good beer in Prague 6 or Prague 7?

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Are you around the Letná or Holešovice districts and fancy a good beer? Here are a few tips on where to accommodate your craving in the area of Prague 6 and Prague 7.

Beer directly from Prague pubs

The tradition of Prague pubs goes way back. These pubs usually have a traditional interior and only pick excellent beer for their taps. An old Prague pub where not only beer connoisseurs like to come back is the pub in the U Veverky restaurant. You can chat there over a beer in the summer garden standing up, as was the custom. If you happen to be near the Letenské Sady Park, you will be served a wonderful beer with a delicious andthick creamy head of foam at the authentic Pivnice u Pivoje or at Pivnice Bruska in Dejvice.

Beer Stop in Letná or Holešovice

You will feel at home at U Veverky.
You will feel at home at U Veverky.

Having a beer in Holešovice

Every corner of Prague conceals a treasure in the form of a restaurant with excellent Pilsner beer and good meals. This is the same with the Holešovice district.  If you would like to have, even late at night, a beer and Pilsner-style beef goulash, you can go to the U Zlatých ručiček restaurant, where the kitchen is ready to make a meal for you until 2 a.m. You can also get a draught of lovely Pilsner lager at the Rumika restaurant. In addition, they follow the motto that their guests, when leaving, must feel that they have been given more than they have paid for.  And if you admire modern design and international gastronomy, you should definitely visit Restaurant Baterka. You can experiment a bit and match your Pilsner with one of the many meals of modern gastronomy included in the menu.

In the vicinity of Dejvice, Letenské sady and Stromovka

If you are spending leisure time near the Letná or Stromovka parks, it will not be a long way for you to tank pubs. You can order crisp fresh beer tapped right from a beer tank for instance at Lokál Nad Stromovkou. The atmosphere of the First Republic (the Czechoslovak state that existed between 1918 and 1938) will allow you to forget about all your current problems at Kulaťák on Vítězné Square. The pub was named after the place where it is located, that is, the “kulaťák” (the roundabout). You just cannot miss this pub. When strolling other streets in the vicinity of Dejvice or Letná, you will surely find useful the Pilsner Urquell navigator for all Pilsner pubs at

Traditional beer and…traditional cracklings

150 years ago, cracklings were an inseparable part of the diet of every Czech family. Nowadays, we consider them to be a speciality, that’s why we like to go out to enjoy this delicacy, just as we go out to have a good Pilsner lager. A combination of beer and crackling spread is on offer at Valcha Holešovice – just a few steps from the Holešovice Exhibition Area and Stromovka Park. At Restaurace Valcha, situated not far from the Břevnov Monastery in Prague 6, you can have Pilsner beer with cracklings, a slice of fresh bread and onions. And at Domažlická jizba, the staff will bring with your Pilsner beer crackling spread with onions and pickled peppers to the large summer beer terrace.


Restaurace Valcha: a good beer and good meal will raise your spirits here
Restaurace Valcha: a good beer and good meal will raise your spirits here

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