Bar Review: Hilton’s Ice Bar

Ice cold shooters with fantastic views

Craig Monts

Written by Craig Monts Published on 11.01.2012 09:40:04 (updated on 11.01.2012) Reading time: 4 minutes


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Ice Bar (Hilton Sky Bar. 9th Floor)
Pobřežní 1
Prague 8,
Tel: +420 224 841 111
You can find the Double Cross Vodka Ice bar on the balcony of Hilton’s Sky Bar, which is located at Pobřežní 1, Prague 8 until it melts. Your nearest Metro station and tram stop is Florenc (metro lines B & C, tram numbers 8 & 24). ‎
This was my first Ice Bar experience. Having heard about the Ice concept in London’ Mayfair, I was excited to see how the concept would work in the Hilton’s outdoor space. I arrived around 21:00 and was greeted by friendly door staff who led me to the end of the Sky Bar. Before exiting to the outside balcony space where the ice action takes place, you are offered a large, thick, Jedi-like hooded cloak. I wrapped up and prepared myself for the icy experience. 
Once outside, I was greeted by a friendly furry-hatted bartender who happily talked me through the 8 specialist cocktails (priced at 100 CZK each) on offer behind his solid ice-sculpted bar. All eight cocktails sounded good, but I went with the bartender’s recommendation: ‘Blue Sky’ – a mix of vodka, Blue Curacao & lime juice, all served in a glass made from solid ice! In fact, pretty much everything in the Ice Bar (as you’d expect) is made of ice; tables, stools, sculptures and the bar itself are all expertly sculpted out of the solid stuff! This matched with cool blue and red lighting and mellow funky house tunes from the outdoor speakers makes for a great atmosphere on the balcony, which has amazing views of the city. My fist ice-cupped cocktail was pretty cool (no pun intended!) It was tasty and refreshing but difficult to hold; this just meant quick drinking, which I guess isn’t a bad thing! My next cocktail was ‘Minus 9’, which is apparently the most popular cocktail from the eight specialist drinks on offer. Minus 9 was a mix of vodka, cranberry juice, and elderberry syrup, which was served in the solid ice beaker, a tasty cocktail with delicious fruity tastes.

Bar Review: Hilton’s Ice Bar

During my visit, there was a steady flow of people who came and went, sampling the various drinks and taking photos of the great panoramic views of Prague at night. The Ice Bar is open every day (except Sunday) from 19:00 and has received plenty of visitors since it opened its doors earlier this month, captivating punters with lavish ice sculptures and icy, vodka-based cocktails. They recommend that you spend a maximum of 30 minutes outside with the ice, but the bartenders are happy and willing to serve you for longer. The complementary hooded cloak was a nice and necessary touch.  Without it I think I would have literally frozen with the cold wind on the balcony. It also doubled as a perfect cushion when sitting on the solid ice stools at the solid ice table!

Bar Review: Hilton’s Ice Bar

For my next drink, I chose to go for the provocatively named ‘Hot Passion’ – a combination of Double Cross vodka, Tabasco & passion fruit. I was a little dubious about the Tabasco and passion fruit combination, but it worked well. Another refreshing cocktail! My only disappointment was that the drinks seemed to be pre-mixed, perhaps a positive for the bartender (quick pouring with no mixing necessary) but a little unexciting for the customer.

Bar Review: Hilton’s Ice Bar

All in all I totally enjoyed my first Ice bar experience. The drinks were refreshing and tasty. The high prices might be slightly offputting, but in my opinion the spectacular views from the bar area and excellent service justify them. The Ice Bar would be perfect for those looking to have a few drinks in a bar with a difference. It would also be ideal for company socials: the outside bar holds up to 40 people comfortably and attentive bar staff with attention to detail and good knowledge of the drinks results in an enjoyable experience for all. I would advise wrapping up warm if you decide to stay outside longer than the recommended 30 minutes. A cool bar with fantastic views, worth checking out!

Smoking Policy: Smoking (outside setting makes for the best ventilation!)
Location: Pobřežní 1, Prague 8 until the 31st January 2012
The Crowd: Mixed ages & nationalities. Mixed crowd of hotel guests & locals
Atmosphere: Very friendly atmosphere/staff
Attire: Smart/Casual
Price Range: High-priced pre-prepared cocktails/shooters: 100 CZK
Entrance Fees: None
Size: Maximum of 40 people
Music Policy: Relaxed. Lounge/house
Service: Very quick & very friendly.
Restroom Check: Very clean and new

Bar Review: Hilton’s Ice Bar

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