ASK AN EXPERT: What does the new Czech driving test look like?

The new questions – 35 static and 10 dynamic – will primarily test risk perception. Here's what you need to know. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 02.05.2024 14:49:00 (updated on 02.05.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

At the beginning of March, the Czech driver's license test was updated with dozens of new questions, mainly focusing on the recent legislative changes surrounding traffic regulations.

We asked Pavel Greiner, owner of Autoškola King, what you can expect when you sit for the updated final theory exam. 

The new questions – 35 static and 10 dynamic – will primarily test risk perception. In addition to focusing on the latest changes to the Road Traffic Act, you will also be asked to assess road situations where police see the most mistakes made.    

More than 1,000 potential questions could appear on the exam. The goal, however, is not to memorize the answers but rather to understand the rules of the road. 

Traffic authorities are stressing the importance of maintaining a safe distance between two vehicles, one of the most common causes of dangerous situations when behind the wheel. To drive home this point, one of the new questions will address a modified sign showing drivers how to maintain this safe distance properly. 

You might also come across questions related to the newly introduced speed limits for certain sections of motorways, car lights, and electric scooters.   

The exam’s dynamic questions, mostly related to risk behavior – for example, at intersection crossings – will be linked to short videos. These questions will be based on the “Hazard Perception” project, which is the direction many countries are steering toward regarding driver education.  

You will be asked a question and then shown a video. You will then be given multiple-choice answers and must tick the right box.

This is the second year in a row that the driving test has been changed, with several dozen new tasks added approximately once every quarter. Road rules and signs are also continuously updated, and the Czech Transport Ministry wants to make sure all drivers are on the same page regarding safety issues.  

One of the most significant new changes to the law this year is that the age for acquiring a driver’s license has been lowered to 17. However, this will only be allowed under the guidance of a qualified mentor, typically a parent or other family member of the minor. The new exam questions, therefore, will be relevant not only to the new drivers but also to their mentors. Additionally, the amendment unveils the concept of test driving licenses.

Test yourself! The new questions' online practice tests, both classic and dynamic, are available on the Ministry of Transport’s site.

President Petr Pavel signed the amendment to the Road Traffic Act in August, introducing changes to the driver penalty points system, fines, and traffic regulations. This amendment brings several noteworthy alterations, most of which went into effect from the start of 2024. For example, on selected sections of motorways, the maximum speed limit may be increased to 150 kilometers per hour. Penalties for obstructing tram passages will be intensified.

Approximately 120,000 people in the Czech Republic apply for a driver's license every year. 

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