Ambitious Žižkov housing project is drastically scaled down

After facing criticism from preservationists and public institutions, Centrum Nové Žižkov will now feature just one low-rise building instead of three. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 21.05.2024 11:10:00 (updated on 21.05.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

Real estate developers have announced that they will scale down the Centrum Nové Žižkov housing project in Prague 3. The original plan for three towering residential buildings will now feature just one – the lowest of all of the proposed towers, standing at just 80 meters.

Heeding public criticism

The developer, Central Group, and renowned architect Eva Jiřičná announced the changes after facing criticism from preservationists and institutions. Reservations regarding its height and overall design have met the project, which will be built on the site of the demolished former Žižkov Telecom building. 

According to Central Group, the spatial plan for the land did not have any specific limits on building capacity or height. However, the company has taken into account the opinions of UNESCO and the Prague 3 district council's changing attitude. Architect Jiřičná stated that both the original and modified proposals had their merits.

The changes to the Centrum Nové Žižkov project come after years of discussion and planning. The developer also says it has listened to public opinion, which was predominantly negative when it came to the project. The modified proposal may have a different urban planning approach, but it maintains the same architectural design and floor space capacities, Central Group says.

In an interview with Czech Radio, the 85-year-old Jiřičná said that this was "her biggest ever project." She called the development "daunting and exciting," and said it was a "shame" that her original vision for three apartment buildings was scrapped. She said that "building upwards" would create more space for the residents of Prague 3.

Building interior yet to take shape

The new plan will consist of a single 25-story tower, along with other buildings and amenities such as a larger kindergarten. The project is still in the discussion stage, with adjustments needed for internal layouts, design details, and public spaces.

Construction is expected to begin in 2027, with no current estimate for costs. Central Group purchased the former Telecom complex from Czech telecommunications company CETIN in 2017, and demolition is currently underway. The iconic tower, once dubbed "Strougal's Tower" or "Mordor," stood in the area since 1980.

"We are pleased with the project's progress and are working closely with city officials to ensure it meets all necessary standards," said Central Group executive Dušan Kunovský.

The developer says it wants to create a modern and sustainable residential complex, complete with a water element in the square and artworks throughout the locality.

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